You Will Pay for It: 4 Legit Reasons Why Students Get Essays for Money

The academic writing market is growing year after year, and there are solid reasons for that.

While some professors might think that this growth is a result of the increased students’ laziness, it is mostly quite reverse. Though, of course, there are situations when academic papers are ordered due to the lack of diligence, such situations are surprisingly scarce when compared with other reasons.

Reason 1: Students don’t have enough time

According to some persuading statistics, modern students have to work more than 60 hours a week to deal with all assignments at least at the “average-plus” level on their own. While in the most of civilized countries of the world a normal working week for the adult is limited by 40-45 hours, students have to work much more just to keep the pace. It means that in case of any emergency a student doesn’t have enough time to cope with every assignment, and buying an essay online seems like a viable solution. This situation could be improved by decreasing the course load and by making university and college deadline policies less rigid. However, for now, when students encounter some legit problems with time they prefer to address essay writing companies, not their professors or counselors.

Reason 2: Students have learnt to prioritize

It is not that easy as it sounds, because the world moves fast, and if you want to get something more than just a diploma as a result of your education, you have to diversify risks and prioritize tasks. Professors tend to persuade students that they won’t find the job of their dreams without 100% diligence, but thanks to our world of the open information, future career makers know that it is hardly true. Why? Because HR managers also have their blogs online, and they share their frustration regarding former students unable to deal with the simple working tasks. HR professionals often mention that they prefer to hire students with some side job experience, with some resulting extra activities, etc., than just those with the highest grades. The world becomes more demanding regarding substance and less caring about formalities. That is why students often pay for essays which they consider not important for their future career. And we can’t blame them for this obvious and adequate choice.

Reason 3: Paying for essays saves money

Thought it might sound exceptionally controversial, it is often true for several obvious reasons. First of all, lots of students have side jobs, where they gain not only experience but money. Many colleges and universities are strongly against students getting side jobs, but this tradition will never die, especially till college loans exist. Often, it is much more virtuous to pay several essays than to miss several working shifts. Sometimes the gain and the expenditure are almost equal, but it is better to spend almost the entire sum of money you have earned for this week, but not to miss shifts. This practice will thrive till college and university education stays so expensive and companies hire graduates with working experience more gladly than just with good grades. From the different point of view, sometimes paying for a research paper or project saves a term grade, which means you proceed in your education, gain the needed credits, and don’t have to spend more money for the particular course or even a year in your college or university. This way paid essay writing save much more than you can possibly pay for them.

Reason 4: Too many extra assignments within the course

Almost every professor tends to think that his or her discipline is the most crucial within the particular course. While it might be true sometimes, mostly such thoughts have nothing to do with reality. It means students receive at least twice more tasks than they should, and at least half of them have nothing to do with their future professional life. Within one course students have to deal with the somewhat related disciplines and the grades for those ones are of the same value as for the major discipline. It is unfair, inefficient and causes mass purchases of essays online. It is hard to blame students when the syllabus is created the way that pushes them to buy academic papers to be able to pay attention to the significant things.

Of course, there are much more reasons for students to buy papers, and not all of them are so adequate and noble, but these are the most common ones. In the world where efficiency is the king, students have to adapt and make decisions based on the long-term perspective. It is safe to say, that the existing college and university educational systems don’t always answer the demands of the professional world and it causes academically unwanted consequences.

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