5 Popular Udemy Courses for Beginner Stock Traders, Grab A Promo Code Before You Buy

As one of the top alternative platforms for high-quality, massive, open online courses (MOOCs), Udemy empowers individuals interested in stock trading to learn the business and become workplace ready, thereby effectively circumventing the traditional demand for “work experience” and a university degree. Fortune Magazine described Udemy courses as “often times (for) a much better return-on-investment relative to a four-year degree” because of the exceedingly high cost of a university education, which has seen a double-digit increase over the past five years. Furthermore, these microdegree courses focus on real-world skills, and knowledge and partnerships with top firms and industry leaders willing to participate in a recruitment program for course finishers.

Udemy, a company located near Silicon Valley, is different from other MOOCs in its range of courses and ease of taking its nanodegree courses. Based on a 2015 Harvard Review study, 87% of those who finished a MOOC course were able to jumpstart their career by finding a better job or getting promoted.

To be successful and highly regarded and trusted in the stock trading industry, you need to learn more than the basics. It’s hard work, lots of studying, and more importantly, knowing what to study. Here are five Udemy stock trading courses for beginners that you will find worth your time and money:

Stock Market for Beginners by James Stewart

James Stewart is founder of Financial Bear, a finance research firm with corporate clients. His 5.5-hour course is a basic introductory plan for beginners with no knowledge whatsoever of stock trading. The course is designed to give you the skills to build a short evaluation and investment portfolio sheet and help you make your first investment.

This is currently one of the more affordable beginners’ courses, with over 4,500 students (past and present).

Stock Technical Analysis with R by Diego Fernandez

Diego Fernandez is a popular author of financial data analysis and data science eBooks. He specializes in R statistical software and Python language analysis tools, and personally invests in startups and blue chip companies.

This seven-hour comprehensive course requires that you have the R software because you will be using it constantly with real-world data, and able to compute stocks, calculate and define indicators and changes and price crossovers.

Stock Market for Beginners – How to Start Investing Today by Jari Roomer

Jari Roomer is the man behind GetGo Investing, and a bestselling author. This course is 2.5 hours and covers a quick introduction and gets right to business on investing, strategies, mistakes to avoid and valuable tips of an investor.

It’s a class that is very easy to understand because it is well-organized and properly explained. This means by taking this class, you will be able to avoid costly investing mistakes and it will seem like you have your own personal mentor. Because the author is an investor as well and teaches several classes, you can take any of his follow-up classes for a more extensive tutoring on the art of stock trading.

Read Financial Statements as a Stock Investor by Brennen Pak

With more than 27 years of experience in stock investing, Brennen Pak has seen and heard it all. He has taught thousands on the art of personal finance and investment while having lost and suffered setbacks. Over time, he has honed his skills and done well in spite of the many challenges along the way, including the financial crisis in Asia and the world, terror attacks in New York, and the numerous daily obstacles very common in trading.

As a two-hour course, you will learn to read FSs with a keen eye towards investing, and be given an accountant’s view of finances and stability of a company. Thus, you will be able to make sound investment decisions based on actual figures and trends.

Investing: Fundamental to Stock Picks & Price Forecasting by KamMeng Mok

KamMeng Mok is a Malaysian investor/trader/entrepreneur who also teaches and freelances. He used to work as a senior executive with Schneider Electric, a large multinational company, and is the man behind Value Incubator, a non-academic training service.

This one-hour class will teach you a systematic approach to investing, which is designed to lower risk and focus on safe fundamentals and the art of long term investing. It also trains you on price simulation and the use of investment leverage.

All of the aforementioned courses can be bought at a discount by visiting the site CouponCause.com. You can become a successful stock trader today with Udemy courses!