Best Technology to come in and out of Europe

Technology never stands still and as we venture more into the future, more possibilities are coming our way. It’s always changing, adapting and progressing, and things that seemed improbable, one year can quickly start becoming possible only for a few short years afterwards.  With the emergence of the Oculus Rift and virtual and augmented reality is becoming a big thing and ideas of wearable computers is beginning to seem like a fanciful idea.

However, with this in mind, within this piece of content, you will see some interesting futuristic technologies that you’ll probably be seeing in and out of Europe. If you were to travel across Europe to find these little treasures, you’ll have to make sure that you have an E111 card giving you coverage on your medical attention.  Before you get too excited, most of these gadgets and items of wonder are still in there in early stages, so you won’t be flying to work on a jet back just yet. But you get an understanding of the actual product, so enough talking, here’s some of the best technology to come out Europe:

Jet Pack International H202

Jet packs have always been an exciting and eager idea for companies and customers. It’s been commercialised so much in films and video games that the public are now obsessed with this idea of a Jet pack and Jet Pack International are making great strides in jetpack technology. H202 are hydrogen peroxide-fuelled jetpacks that will allow users to fly up to 77 miles per hour at a maximum height of 250 feet. However, so far, the H202 is only capable of a maximum flight length of 33 seconds so it’s not amazing but at least its start. These Jetpacks are actually available to buy right now, but that’s only if you have a spare $100,000 lying around.


The world of prosthetics technology is rapidly increasing and in March 2013, Denis Sorensen had the pleasure of testing a new prosthetic model, created by a group of European engineers and scientists. What’s so special about this prosthetic is that it connects directly to the remaining nerves in Denis’s upper arm. What this does is create a sense of touch and can be controllable. Blind fold tests show that you are able to differentiate between different items such as a bottle, a baseball and an orange.

Cave 2

Cave 2 is a hybrid reality environment that lets artists, scientists and engineers become fully immersed in their research- A bat cave for scientists. The Cave 2 is a 360 wraparound structure consisting of 72 LCD panels, a 20-speaker surround system and 10-camera optical motion tracking system. With the use of 3-D glasses, scientists and engineers will actually be able to virtually experience and move through anything of their choosing, whether it’s the human body or planets in the solar system.

3D Printed Food

3D printed has taken the world by storm, and is slowly but surely people are being won over by the idea that it’s far more than gadgets, food is something that can easily printed. German company, Biozoon, is harnessing the power of 3D printing to create a seneoPro, range of 3D-printable powered mixtures that solidifies when printed but also melts very quickly when eater