Greece adopts reforms for 8,500 million euros in aid

| March 30, 2014

The Greek Parliament adopted a law that includes a number of controversial reforms , which will allow the country to receive a new tranche of international financial assistance, on Sunday night .

The most controversial part , facilitating competition in various economic sectors , was adopted by 152 votes in favor and 135 against ( for a total of 300 MPs ) . The approval will enable the country receive aid tranche of more than EUR 8,500 million , which needs to repay maturing debt by May .

The vote , which took place while 7,000 people were demonstrating outside the parliament , paving the way for the assistance of EUR 8,500 million, equivalent to that of debt bonds maturing in May amount. ” We go forward with great optimism and great strength ” , the Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras welcomed . “We have taken a huge step forward for Greece tomorrow ,” he said , satisfied.

The vote on the text of nearly 200 pages , comprising also elements on bank recapitalization threatens to a stumble in particular the measures recommended by the OECD to overcome the restrictions of competition that maintain high prices for consumers, whose wages have been heavily discounted by the crisis, when there are over joining the ranks of the unemployed.

The booksellers are unhappy , pharmacists are on strike , but one of the main problems , perhaps the greatest , is related to a modification of the criteria to qualify Greek fresh milk , which would open the door to the possibility that Sites marketed this product in Greece.

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