How to Retain Online Shoppers After the Holidays

Everybody loves the holiday season. Kids get a break from school. Lovers get to exchange gifts. And, ecommerce vendors benefit from increased sales.

However, as the eggnog wears off, so do the effects of an influx of new shoppers. Don’t despair. These customers can be retargeted, if you know what you are doing. Below are a few tips to retain online shoppers after the holidays have passed and the tinsel has come down.

Provide Exclusive Offers for January

The most obvious way to entice customers back to your virtual store is through flash sales. Promoting these sales is super easy. It’s likely a slew of new buyers shared their email addresses with you over the holidays. Leverage those email subscriptions to send promotions to turn those one-time buyers into lifelong customers.

Flash sales can be useful for more than just catching customers’ interests. They can also help you unload excess products, or promote your newest merchandise. Either way, it’s a good idea to call these things out. Some shoppers like to know they are being rewarded for their patience; or the first to get a great product.

Update Your Look

Some ecommerce sites like to change their themes based on the season. Common examples include adding a Santa hat to the logo or inserting a snowy background. But a new year requires a new look. Invite your shoppers, via social media, to visit your store to see the updated design.

If you built your own website (or hired a helping hand) this requires a little bit of work (or money). Be sure to plan your changes months in advance so you aren’t struggling with design errors in January. However, some of the best ecommerce website builders have plug-and-play templates. Perfect for the time-crunched ecommerce vendor.

Invite Buyers to Show Off on Social Media

It’s important to remember that social media is, first and foremost, social. It isn’t just a place to tell people about sales and product launches. It’s a platform designed for two-way communication between brands and consumers. One of the best ways to enforce this is to invite Facebook, Instagram or Twitter followers to post images of themselves using your products.

Do you sell clothing? Ask your followers to post their favorite fashion combinations. Do you sell kitchen accessories? Encourage your followers to post pics of the food they made with your merchandise. This instills a sense of community in your audience and spreads the word about your store to your shoppers’ friends and family.

Retarget December Buyers Through Shipping

The key to good marketing is to think ahead. When you shipped Christmas gifts, did you slip anything extra into the box? Smart ecommerce marketers add coupon codes and information on exclusive promotions inside the delivery box. This technique retargets the buyer the instant they open the package.

Sharing unique coupon codes helps you track which shoppers are returning to your store. It also lets you do a little A/B testing with your marketing handouts. Simply create two different fliers and track the coupon codes coming in to see which design/language/deals are driving consumers’ interests.

Boost Your Targeted Advertising Efforts

Targeted advertising is an incredibly powerful tool for ecommerce vendors. If you collect enough data about users’ behaviors, you can pay to send them ads relevant to them. For instance, if a shopper bought a bunch of books in December, you may be able to send them a Facebook ad for “the hottest books of 2017” in February. It doesn’t work every time, but it is much more effective than general ads that don’t speak to specific web users.

Retaining online shoppers after the holidays is a great way to increase your customer base. Implementing these ideas will help get you started on the right track.

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