Online Marketing Magic: Taking Your Company’s Digital Presence Up A Notch

It’s undeniable that online marketing is now an effective, inalienable component of the advertising process for millions of business owners all over the world. Despite the efficacy of digital advertising, not every corporate leader or entrepreneur has tapped into the power of using this marketing modality to generate substantive brand growth. But you definitely should. To get on track to success and growth in the ecommerce sector immediately, consider using some or all of the online marketing strategies listed below:

1. Take Twitter Seriously.

It’s no secret that communicating with your audience via social channels such as Twitter can take a company’s conversion rates up a notch. However, it’s still the case that many business owners fail to tap into the power of this tool. Don’t make this mistake. Instead, start interfacing with your prospects through channels like Twitter to ensure that you can begin building relationships and converting people in a casual yet professional manner. One great Twitter strategy that many business owners have found effective is Twitter polls. These polls enable you to ask your audience brand-related questions so that you can make prudent, profitable decisions when designing and selling products.

Note that conducting a Twitter poll is not the only social media optimization (SMO) technique you can deploy to build your brand online. There are several other channels you can use to talk to your audience. Some of them include Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, and Facebook. One SMO strategy you might consider using to facilitate growth in the online domain is a Facebook contest. The contest could involve having participants create a video in which they discuss which of your products they love the most. The winner could receive a promotional product such as a coffee mug or t-shirt with your company logo on it.

2. Get Into Email Marketing.

In addition to taking Twitter seriously, make sure that you get into email marketing. This advertising modality empowers you to interface with your target market and current clients regarding key brand issues such as the emergence of a new product or an upcoming sale. There are several ways that you can get the email marketing process off the ground. One is by offering people an incentive to sign up to receive the emails. For example, you might give people a free eBook for agreeing to receive your email messages on a weekly or daily basis.

3. Utilize Responsive Web Design Services.

Another strategy you can implement to optimize your online presence is the use of responsive web design services. These services ensure that you don’t lose sales due to a website that is not accessible for those who use electronic devices. Note that there are hundreds and hundreds of site development companies that offer this service.

4. Get Your Employees Involved.

In many cases, getting your employees involved in your online marketing process is the big key to taking your organization’s level of success from unimpressive to amazing. The key to success with this strategy is hiring and growing employees who are ambitious and capable of being inspired to do great things. As Turn 5’s Steven Voudouris has stated in discussing his company’s success, seeking out entrepreneurial employees has been key in helping him grow the organization. More specifically, entrepreneur Steven Voudouris has pointed out that he seeks employees who can be inspired to get enthusiastic about the company’s mission. This approach to hiring employees is important because it can increase your likelihood of finding people who are willing to pursue your company’s mission of online growth with passion and persistence!


If you want your business to maintain a competitive edge in the contemporary world, taking things online is imperative. While this shift in your approach to advertising can seem overwhelming, the change doesn’t have to be too difficult or demanding. Note that you can hire a digital marketing firm to help you implement some or all of the advertising strategies outlined above. You can also lean on your staff to get some of this marketing work done if any of your employees have a background in digital advertising. No matter the approach you take, make sure that you take your brand online as soon as possible!