Rethink Your Business Productivity

Productivity is one of those words that is often used when discussing business, to the extent that it can fail to resonate to the degree it should with many managers and business owners. Just because it’s something that has become a kind of business terminology cliché, doesn’t mean it is any less important, however. In fact, it’s still one of the most vital contributing factors to an organization’s profits. If you need to reignite your interest in productivity, find out about the new tools that have been developed and give your profits a big boost.

Task Management

There are some very clever tools which can manage all your planning, task lists, project management, and delegation. They can be linked to other tools like calendars so anything you put into your plans or to do lists can be automatically transferred into your diary. The most useful tools enable group communication between members of staff, to make collaborative working far easier and quicker to achieve. If project management forms a large part of your work, you can also get specialist PM systems that run a project from your input, creating an action timeline that draws together all the participants in the project, from contractors to team members to clients.


A diary and events planner is something that has become a familiar tool for many businesses. If you’ve been using one for a while, you may not be making use of the full range of functionality, so it’s worth checking to see what new and improved features have been added. If you have a sales department or have staff who are constantly required to phone customers and prospects, a tool like Predictive Dialer will cut out all the time wasted on wrong numbers, answer phones, busy and disconnected lines and unanswered calls. Having a virtual personal assistant means you can accomplish work tasks such as adding appointments to your diary and finding information on request when you are away from work or on your commute. Some assistant tools function behind the scenes to automate workflows, working with your CRM and linking to your calendar.

Billing and blocking

A quoting tool can save a lot of time and calculation when used to manage all your quotes for clients. Similarly, you can use a billing tool to handle invoicing, and if you need both attributes, you can get a tool that combines both functions They provide detailed information on all aspects of the work involved and a full cost breakdown. If distractions are affecting levels of staff productivity, get a blocking tool that enables you to block yourself or your staff from accessing certain websites and social media during working hours. You can also block access to all sites except specific ones required for the project you are working on if necessary.

There are a variety of tools that will help you streamline all aspects of your business and give a major boost to your productivity levels. Keep abreast of developments in the field, and as well as finding useful software for areas you have targeted for improvement, you could also find tools to help in areas you hadn’t even considered.