The FBI closed the popular internet download page MegaUpload

| January 20, 2012

Best Growth Stock – The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) announced today the closing of the popular MegaUpload download page for an alleged crime of hacking and the arrest of four of its executives, including its founder, New Zealand.

MegaUpload is accuse of being part of “a criminal organization responsible for a huge global network of hacking” that has caused more than $ 500 million in damages to copyright.

The FBI has indicated that the operation unveiled today has no connection with the SOPA piracy bill, sponsored by the U.S. Congress, and resulted in the “blackout” yesterday of several pages in protest at alleged intention to “censor”.

The operation began two years ago and a grand jury in Virginia policing approved two weeks ago, but has not been revealed until now.

In its statement, the FBI said that this operation “is among the largest criminal cases against copyright held by the U.S. and directly attacks the misuse of a deposit and distribution of public content to commit and facilitate crime against intellectual property “.

So far, four people have been arrested in Auckland, New Zealand, and there have been raids in the U.S. and nine other countries including the Netherlands and Canada, which have seized more than 50 million IT assets.

Of those arrested, Kim Smith figure, also known as Kim Dotcom founder Megaupload, portal with 150 million registered users.

Furthermore, they were detained by authorities for German citizens New Zealander Finn Batata, 38, and Mathias Ortmann, 40, and the Dutchman Bram van der Kolk, 29.

“For over five years,” according to the indictment, “the organization has operated websites that illegally reproduced and distributed in breach of intellectual property laws, including film work before its commercial release, music, television programs, books electronics and entertainment software on a massive scale. ”

Through MegaUpload and other sites associated with the defendants achieved a profit as a result of hacking activities of $ 175 million, according to the statement of objections.

MegaUpload, based in Hong Kong, is advertised as the main storage site where users could upload any file to the site and offer links to other users could legally copy these files.

However, the authorities say that the coordinators of the page paid users knew that they used the site to hang unlawful and promoted these links to its subscribers.

In addition, disabled public search function to hide the portal lists the main contents of discharge violated intellectual property laws.

MegaUpload’s popularity was such that he had received support and acclaim from the music industry stars such as Alicia Keys or Kanye West, the very industry that has pushed for further legal action in defense of intellectual property rights.

In response to the closure of MegaUpload, hacking group Anonymous temporarily blocked the website of the Department of Justice, the producer of Universal Music and Film Association of America, among others.

The twitter account of Anonymous stresses that the fall of those sites is baptized his work and hacking pages as “Operation Retaliation.”

This, they say, the “biggest attack ever perpetrated by Anonymous”, involving at least 5635 people.

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