2 Benefits of Volunteering Abroad

Helping other people just makes you feel good. Whether it’s walking your neighbor across the street, donating to a local charity or sponsoring a youth baseball team, there are ample ways to get involved in your community to leave it better off in the long run. People such as AOG’s Frederick Baerenz have found ways to take something they’re passionate about and turn it into a community-focused initiative. If you want to get involved with community activism overseas such as Frederick Baerenz did, you’ll end up experiencing lots of benefits from your involvement.

1. Your concept of home grows greatly.

They say home is where the heart is, and when going abroad, that statement couldn’t ring truer. You’ll end up falling in love with and appreciating your host families greatly because of how they welcome you into their home and show you unconditional love as if they’re your family. When going abroad, the idea of “home away from home” becomes something truly special.

2. You gain confidence.

Going anywhere abroad pushes you out of your comfort zone and forces you to interact with people who speak a different language, practice different customs and have different beliefs. When you go abroad, you’ll come back to the states stronger and more comfortable dealing with situations you encounter. Your heart for others ends up growing your strength and composure, too.

One of the greatest gifts is service, and finding organizations and opportunities you believe in makes going somewhere new and foreign so much easier. You’re able to impart into others while also gaining valuable life skills you can use every day. Taking the jump to dive into community service and volunteering will change you from the inside out and give you a chance to develop into someone new, dedicated to impacting and inspiring others.