3 Brands that Pay Equal Consideration to Their Entire Global Audience

Think global and act local. That’s the new mantra being touted across the business world today. And many of the biggest companies in the world have started to embrace this philosophy.

Multi-national companies with worldwide ambition have to think about how their brand, products, and messaging will be received in every location and nation. It’s simply mandatory. But at the same time, they cannot lose sight of the customers and consumers in local markets, especially those closest to home.

It’s a difficult proposition — to be all things to all people — but there are a whole host of companies that have managed to walk this line successfully, treating their global, national, and local audiences in the same, equal way. Ultimately, it is a savvy financial model that should be embraced and mimicked by any company that hopes to conquer the world.

The following is a rundown of some of the leading brands that have mastered this mode of operation:


There may be no brand on earth that is better known than Coca-Cola. It is the leading beverage sold in nearly every country, and it has always worked to make sure that it has a great image everywhere it is sold. Never has this been more apparent than in its “America the Beautiful” ad played during the Super Bowl. With a backdrop of the iconic song, seemingly unique to United States playing, it depicted a series of images of people from all across the world — highlighting that Coke sees no borders.

The messaging was resonant in the political climate of the time, but this wasn’t just a marketing opportunity to take advantage of current sentiment. This has long been part of the brand’s mode of thought, something we also saw years earlier with its “Share a Coke” campaign. Spreading to more than 100 countries, the company personalized its bottles with common first names, which depending upon the location included Diego, Tamika, Leif, Ali, Sarah, Mumo, Shayla, Abdul, Dylan, Vangie, Liam, and Tshepi. In a subtle way, the most iconic beverage company on the planet showed how it got there. It let everyone know that this Coke was for them.


Michigan-based Amway, which manufactures, markets, and distributes more than 450 beauty, health, and home care products, has grown tremendously from its early days. It has become one of the largest private companies in the United States and now operates in dozens of markets, including having a major presence in Asia. Throughout its expansion, the company has worked tirelessly to educate customers about its business, creating resources that help inform customers and potential workers about the nature of its operations.

In dispelling myths, it reassures customers in Japan the same way it does in the United States. This is crucial as it recruits more people to sell its products and as it offers bonus and incentive opportunities to those in different cultures with varied histories. The message is clear: Amway sees all its markets — and all of its employees — through the same lens.

ConAgra Brands

A global food distribution company is an ideal candidate to treat all of its customers the same, and that’s just what ConAgra Brands does. While some may not know the name of this century-old firm, it is the behemoth behind such popular brands as Jiffy Pop, Slim Jim, Peter Pan peanut butter, Chef Boyardee, Hunt’s ketchup, PAM cooking spray, and dozens more.

ConAgra Brands, formerly known as ConAgra Foods, bases its outlook on the inherently human need to eat. This is universal whether you are in the Midwest of the United States, where the company is headquartered, or at its manufacturing plants in China, Austria, and the United Kingdom. The company stays aware of its value proposition — reliable packaged food at a good price — and tailors its approach to the local market. In that sense, and with ongoing success expanding into other markets under a revamped strategy, the food-maker has shown how to grow globally.

Global Mindset

Expanding globally is a rigorous challenge that never happens easily. Entrenched worldwide brands have succeeded, but even they have to fight to stay in that position. And it is doubly perilous because, while growing, they must also keep their eye on the ball at home in their local, core market.

But as Coca-Cola, Amway, and ConAgra have shown, when this dual-faceted mentality merges into one singular, cohesive outlook, it can give a brand great recognition and a great reputation.

When it all comes together, the world truly can be your oyster. It takes time, the right culture, great leadership, and a commitment to instilling the right principles. But in the end, success is there for the taking — no matter where you set up shop.