4 Free Apps Your Business Should Take Advantage Of

Running a business of any size is a difficult task. If you’re not constantly on the phone with suppliers, you’re taking payments over the phone from customers. It gets a lot worse when you’re trying to run a business when you’re not on business premises. However, all the stress can be minimized by downloading a few simple apps and they’ll make running a business on the go much easier. Here are a few apps to consider if you’re a business owner.

1.      ooVoo

Good communication is key to the success of any business. Communicating with customers, suppliers, and employees is a big part of management. Without the right tools in place, communication is going to be a lot harder and very inefficient. ooVoo will give you the best chance of staying connected with the people who really matter. Whether you want to get in contact with employees or business partners, ooVoo will provide you with a video chat service which is completely free of charge. It’s not primarily for business owners, but it’s always an app worth considering if you want to keep communication costs down to a minimum. Look at techexploring.com to see how you can block specific people if you ever needed to take advantage of that feature.

2.      Square Point of Sale (POS)

For those business owners who are always on the move, Square POS will make accepting payments easier than ever before. Whether you regularly meet with customers or you accept local collections from your e-commerce store, this app will turn any of the latest devices like iPads and iPhones into a POS system that can accept credit and debit cards. The app doesn’t come with any subscription costs and only charges 2.75% per transaction. It’s a must-have app for business owners looking to cut down on expensive subscription costs with other POS systems.

3.      Dropbox

Dropbox is one of the most popular apps among business owners, and for good reason. Not only will the app help you manage files of different types and sizes with ease, but it’ll also make organization less hassle. Dropbox is currently being used by more than 500 million users around the world, many of whom are business owners of all sizes. One of the major benefits that Dropbox provides is the fact it doesn’t take up much storage space on the device you’re using, as it’ll only download the files you want access to.

4.      Slack

Another excellent communication app is Slack. If you find yourself constantly sending emails to your employees, Slack will make things much more organized thanks to its easy messaging system. The app itself works very much in the same way as you would when you text someone normally. However, it has a host of features which means you can contact the right people about something specific, thanks to past conversations you’ve had. Slack is free to use but there is a premium version that’ll let you contact more people and send bigger attachments.

The above free apps only scratch the surface when it comes to business management. If you want to improve your business and take it to the next level, you’ll need to organize your day to day tasks better, and you can do just that thanks to the above free apps.