5 Careers in Finance You Should Definitely Consider

A career in finance is the first choice for many soon-to-be college graduates, and for good reason. Not only do most of them pay extremely well, but fast promotion and great benefits usually come standard with each position. Managing other people’s money and improving their financial situation can provide a great sense of self-worth for many individuals.

There are numerous financial professions to choose from. Some come with a plethora of opportunities to move forward and earn more whereas others tend to run into dead ends. Knowing which to choose is essential for your success. After all, the career you choose largely influences the way you’ll live your day-to-day life.

Here are five great careers in finance that are definitely worth considering.

Quantitative Risk Analyst

Not only do you get to say something awesome when your friends ask what you do, but you can expect to earn around $80k to $100k per year while you’re at it. Firms have been battling to obtain qualified senior analysts in recent years, creating a large gap for more experienced professionals.

The junior end is also looking great, with opportunities for increased salaries on the rise. However, obtaining such a position may not be as easy as it seems. Be sure to check out job application center to increase your chances of getting accepted in your dream firm.

Internal Auditor

Newly qualified accountants can expect to earn just under $100k per year as an internal auditor, moving up to $110k or more as time goes by and experience is earned. Financial services are struggling to attract young talent in this field, making it much easier to land a great position in the coming years.


While starting salaries of between $40k and $60k may not provide the financial security most professionals seek, the 3-6-year training course makes for a great journey for beginners. You’ll be learning while working and as time goes by, Reed reckons you’ll start earning six-figure salaries to compliment your hard work. Experienced actuaries can expect to earn between $75k and $110k per year.

Private Equity Analyst

University graduates are being grabbed left, right and center by private equity firms as junior talent is forever in demand. Reputable firms such as KKR, Terra Firma, and Blackstone are willing to pay US graduates around $114k according to research conducted by Preqin. This makes for a serious starting salary straight out of school.

Investment Bank Sales And Trading

According to recruiters Selby Jennings, Wall Street pays its first and second-year analysts around $125k to $135k, making this a great position for both experienced and entry-level professionals. Be sure to choose markets instead of IBD, as that’s where most of the money lies. Regardless, it’s a rewarding and fulfilling career path to go on.


With salaries this high, you won’t just be managing your client’s money. But if you’re still young, keep in mind that the rewards don’t come easy. You’ll have to study hard and work harder when you’re starting out. Just keep moving forward and before you know it, you’ll have your own workflow and can proudly consider yourself part of the financial sector.