5 Practical Tips to Shift Your Custom Gifts Card Program into High Gear

Gift cards offer a great gifting option for people who have no clue about what to give their loved ones for Christmas and other special occasions. They are convenient and they take the effort of finding “the perfect gift” out of the equation. Customers seem to agree. According to a 2017 survey by National Retail Federation, gift cards remain the most popular item on shopping wishlists. This is all good news if you are a business owner who has invested in custom gift cards to boost sales. If for some reasons, your gift sales are down, use the following 5 tactics to shift your gift card program into high gear.

Offer Deals on Gift Card Purchases: If you are offering 10% discount on all your inventory then you should offer the same on gift cards. For example, if your store gift cards display a redeemable value of $50 for a price of $45, you are giving away the same 10% discount, but it looks more appealing to customers. You can also reward customers by giving them gift cards for certain amounts of purchases. Applying the same 10% discount formula, you can give customers a gift card of $10 for every $100 bill value.  The great thing is when customers return to redeem their gift cards, they generally shop more than the value of the card.

Trigger Impulse Buying by Placing Them on POS Counters: A lot of gift cards sale happens due to impulse purchases. This is why it makes sense to display the attractive gift cards near the POS counter. The display stand with gift cards triggers an impulsive response from customers waiting in line. To ensure the gift cards appeal to customers, it’s important to invest in an attractive stand or display unit.

Promote Them on Social Media: Customers routinely hunt for deals and discounts on social media pages, especially during the holiday season. Turn to social media and promote the gift card offers by creating relevant posts. Make sure to theme the social media posts based on the festivities to encourage more purchases. For example, packing the gift cards in a green box with a decorative shamrock leaf makes them the perfect gift item for St. Patrick’s Day.

Capitalize on Christmas: Christmas is the time for shopping frenzy and if you are not capitalizing on that, you are surely missing out. This is when gift cards sales all across America reaches its peak. If done right, Christmas shoppers can clear your entire stock of gift cards in a matter of weeks. Adopt a multi-pronged marketing strategy to attract the Christmas crowd. Get those danglers and posters up by November to attract more walk-ins. To compliment your printed marketing efforts promote the Christmas-themed gift cards on social media.

Ensure They Look like Gifts: No one wants to hand out cheap-looking gift cards to their friends and relatives. To boost their sale, ensure your gift cards look like proper gifts. The first step towards achieving that is to pack them inside an elegant paper box. You can even consider adding a token gift such as a pen or a keychain. When ordering custom gift cards for business make sure they are well-designed and they have a great print quality. A good gift card should ideally resemble the look and feel of a high-value credit card.