5 Tips to keep in mind when buying a Second Hand Car

Buying a car is a decision that most of us don’t totally feel confident in taking on our own. Especially when it comes to buying a used car, the burden of the decision becomes heavier as there is so much more to be careful about in this scenario. Nevertheless, keeping a few basic tips in mind can help one in making the right choice. Some of these tips are as follows:

  1. Buying a year old car: A car that has completed about 10,000 miles on road or about a year usually falls by 27% which means you have to pay far less upfront price as their value reduces by a tonne.


  1. Take the car for a test-drive: It is not recommended to just start the engine and try to get a sense of its efficiency. Always take the car for a test-drive. It will give you an idea about the smoothness of the drive, you can check minute things like headlights, horns, braking pads etc.


  1. Checking the history of the car: It is important to know about how well the car has been maintained in the past. Knowing its MOT detail will tell you a lot. Also, asking the right questions is very important. Some of the questions that one should be mindful of include:
  • Has the car ever been stolen?
  • How many owners has the car changed?
  • Are all parts genuine?
  • Is the car accidental?
  • Has the car been repainted? Etc.


  1. Keep an eye out for dents, scratches and tyre condition: It’s the small things that can give you leverage. Things like dents and scratches or the condition of the vehicle’s tyres. Scratches and dents don’t really do much other than tarnish the aesthetics of the car. They don’t really have an impact on the engine itself. Similarly, most people replace tyres when they buy used cars, so that can be a good bargaining point too.


  1. Bargain, Always!: The rule of thumb is to never give the seller the price they are asking for. Always haggle and try to bring the price down. A good idea would be to do market research to know what similar cars are being sold for in the market. You can simply go online to know the market rate of a car.


If you have been through about all the above mentioned points then rest assured you will make the right decision. Though, getting accurate information is the tricky part as most sellers try to conceal the facts. So in such cases going to a credible car dealer is a good idea. KAP Motors is one of the most credible car dealers. You can buy a wide variety of cars such as used Fiat cars in Brighton from KAP Motors. They never hide facts and every car sold at their showroom goes through a rigorous pre-sales inspection criterion which ensures that the customers get value for what they are paying. So, you won’t be disappointed. Tell us how has your experience been and what are the additional points that one can keep in mind?