7 Ways to Prepare Your Home for The Elements

Spring is coming once again and you’ll need to prepare your home for the warmer weather. As the weather changes your home adjusts from the extremes of cold weather into warm weather. And the list of things to do can be overwhelming. If you’re able to do these seven things in the spring, you’ll be well on your way to having a safe, warm dry home.

Remove Debris From Gutters And Downspouts

Once the weather is warm enough that you can get to your gutters and downspouts, remove any debris that may have been left over from the fall and winter. If you’re in an area that has a lot of snow, then you’ll want to make sure your gutters and downspouts are clear for when the snow starts to melt.

This is important to ensure that your roof stays intact. There are many techniques to cleaning the debris from your gutters and downspouts including power washing. In any case, ensuring that you’ve got a clean system to direct the flow of water off your roof and onto the ground is important.

Inspect Your Roof and Repair It

Speaking of your roof. This is often a forgotten honey-do because it can cost a lot of money to repair, but if you keep up on it, the cost could be affordable and there are ways to get the money including a home improvement loans with no equity that won’t break your bank. What will break your bank is if you decide to ignore this important task and damage becomes extensive.

So be sure to inspect your roof and make those minor repairs each spring. When you are inspecting your roof, be sure to check all the corners and any upturned or lifted tiles where water could enter. The roof tiles are made to facilitate the flow of water off the top of your home and not allow any moisture to seep into the vulnerable spaces of your attic where the wood is bare and usually unprotected. So check your roof and repair any issues you see.

Polish all Wooden Furniture or Fixtures

People tend to forget that wood is a natural product and needs regular maintenance to stay in great shape. Winter tends to add moisture to wood and summer tends to dry it out, this expanding and contracting process is detrimental and leads to splitting and cracking. So use a natural oil polish that will refresh the furniture and fixtures inside and outside your home.

Refinish your Deck

Speaking of wood breaking down, if you have a wooden deck, it gets the lion’s share of exposure all year round and spring is the perfect time to refinish and refresh that deck.

Your deck is where you spend most of your time in the spring and summer and having shirred wood can be painful for feet step on them. If you’re not an expert at that you can hire a professional or do it yourself. Either way, your family will enjoy years of fun in the sun on your deck if you take care of it.

Replace Batteries in Your Detectors

Safety in your home Is the most important maintenance you can do for you and your family. Replacing the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors every six months is a good way to keep your family safe.

Faulty or non-working smoke detectors and lead to tragedy A study in 2010 reported that three out of five fires resulting in death were found to have no alarm or non-working alarms. Don’t let that happen in your home. Replace those batteries every six months.

Vacuum Lint from the Dryer Vent

Another huge safety concern is lint buildup in dryer vents. It’s easy to forget these little tasks because the lint vent is out of sight and therefore out of mind. But 34% of clothes dryer fires are a direct result of failure to clean the dryer and lead to $35 million in property loss as well as death.

This is an easy thing to do using your vacuum and a little bit of time, but the benefits to safety go well beyond the effort it takes to accomplish. This small honey-do could save you lots of money and even your life. Don’t forget to clean out the dryer vent.

Clean your Carpets

During the winter, all that debris and snow that is tracked in on the soles of you and your family’s shoes builds up in your carpets. And unless you are one of those families that takes their shoes off after entering the home, you track that stuff everywhere.

Keeping your carpets clean also keeps you healthier. Allergens tend to build up in carpets and even mold can live there if you live in a wetter climate. Cleaning your carpet revitalizes the fibers and helps you keep your carpet lasting longer, too.