70Trades: Best Forex Broker or Scam?

If you’re interested in trying out forex trading, you’ll want to start with a reliable broker to help you out. Forex trading can get confusing and challenging very quickly, and lose you money if you don’t know what you’re doing. On the flip side though, forex trading can make you a hefty sum of money if well planned out.

The issue with forex trading is finding that reputable broker. Many think that forex trading is a scam altogether, that the process of even trying forex trading is illegal. Although in some areas it may be frowned upon, forex trading is perfectly legal and not a scam. It’s the broker that turns it into a scam.

There are reliable forex brokers out there that tend to get lost in the mix of all the scams. These brokers help you work your way up the investment ladder so that you can earn as much money as possible. One of these brokers is 70Trades, a forex broker that in our opinion, is not a scam.

Below we dive into what 70Trades is, how it can benefit you, and determining the one big question of whether or not 70Trades is a scam or not. See what you think of our 70Trades review below.

What is 70Trades?

70Trades is an online platform that caters to both beginner and advanced forex traders. It doesn’t matter what stage you’re at in trading, 70Trades could be the perfect platform for you. They tailor their plans according to your skill level so that you’re not going in head-first without enough information, or that you can challenge yourself and up your risk level.

The name 70Trades comes from the idea that it takes roughly 70 trades before you fully understand how forex trading works. That is the premises of this company – to help you gain knowledge and train so that you become a more experienced trader. Instead of answering a few simple questions to build your trading portfolio.

To start, 70Trades offers education courses to help you learn more about forex trading. Once you determine your interests and what you prefer to trade, you’ll have a plan with courses tailored to you. For beginners, having access to video lessons specifically for what you want to trade is a huge win.

What Does 70Trades India Offer?

70Trades India offers three plans for all levels of expertise. You can choose between the Entry Level, Advanced Level, or the Professional Level. Depending on what you choose, each plan will have a bit more technicality to it to enhance your trading experience. All three plans include things like a free e-book, the beginners’ course, leverage of 1:200, basic products and foreign currencies, and much more.

The platform runs with the PROfit forex trading platform. For some, transitioning to this platform can be confusing and difficult to figure out. However, with all of the information and courses available with 70Trades, it shouldn’t be too much of a challenge to become comfortable with the platform.

Other perks of 70Trades India is that it’s available in multiple languages, including English, Arabic, Spanish, French, and Italian. It takes various payment methods, like VISA, MasterCard Skrill, Eco Payz, and MoneyNet.

What really makes 70Trades stand out, especially for beginners is that you have access to a demo account to learn the ropes before fully committing to the platform. You’ll be able to practice your trading skills for as long as you need until you’re comfortable enough to make a real trade.

To see all of what 70Trades offers and how it benefits you, check out the video below.


Am I Protected With 70Trades?

One of the biggest concerns with using an online platform for forex trading is if your personal and banking information is secured and protected. Although there is only so much protection a broker can offer when there is the known risk of trading, there are some things that 70Trades does to ensure security and safety.

70 Trades has many partnerships with different banks to help ensure the safety of your money. They also partner with verified RBI authorized banks. An RBI authorized bank means that they keep your deposit as easy and straightforward as possible. Your money is separate from the company’s capital. There is no large commission rates or any unnecessary intermediaries which tend to be fraudulent. So, you can trade easily knowing that your money and information is as secure as possible.

Another perk that protects the trader and his or her investments is that they have a protection policy in place that will prevent your account from going into the negatives. It’s easy to lose track of how much you’ve gained or lost, and whether or not you’ve lost more than you invested. 70Trades protection policy ensures that you won’t lose more than you invest.

In the End, 70Trades is Not a Scam

So, the big question is if 70Trades is a scam or not. We believe no, 70Trades is not a scam. It is a registered broker that is trustworthy and secured, as well as being an excellent resource for information and tutorials.

Many forex trading brokers out there target beginner traders that have no experience. That is because they are an easy target for scamming them into losing lots of money really fast. Because of that, many reliable platforms, like 70Trades, get caught up in this negative reputation. However, as many have pointed out with their 70Trades opinion, this platform is not a scam. It is a not fake or a fraud. They are a trusted broker that will be with you from beginner all the way through you turning into an expert forex trader.

70Trades is a company that won’t be going away any time soon. That is because they have so many happy clients that trust them to help them with every trade. See for yourself why 70Trades is not a scam, but a reputable trading broker that could be precisely what you need for your first trade.