Best Growth Stock LLC was founded with one mission and vision in mind, to provide investors with the most up to date stock market information, news and investment analysis. In today’s financial world, information is the key between a good trading or taking a loss.

We have established a network of resources for investors making us one of the most popular financial portals. Our main goal and objective is to be a world leader in news and business information.

We all know that the success of an investment depends on the strategic decisions you make, based on clear and reliable investment tools and stock market information. In this case, the main driving force behind your success is the transparent nature of the information we provide to you. With our dependable assistance, you can get to know the right kind of company news which will lead you to choose the company with the most promised profits and growth potential in the stock market. All endeavors of our skilled staffs are a result of extreme strategic stock analysis and checking and re-checking of a company’s balance sheet to ensure optimum returns in your investment.

For the Individual Investor

The individual investor is our main aim. Best Growth Stock offers individual investors around the clock business information, news and financial analysis. With its web publication, Best Growth Stock is becoming one of the most respected brands in the financial markets. On a daily basis we engage thousands of readers and investors worldwide. At the same time we delivery authority financial content which serve as reference for other publications around the world.

Our satisfaction lies with our clients’ satisfaction. This is why we strive to reap the highest benefits from your investments through a thorough stock market research and regular speculation of the important stock market news & forces. In this process, we also need to study the various investment options so as to present our clients with the most lucrative ones.

The fate of buying stocks depends solely on how well the owner company functions. Therefore, it is mandatory to study the compatibility between the type of stock picks you are buying and your own investment objectives and requirements. There are, in reality, quite a number of stocks, including income stock, penny stocks, value stock, growth stocks and many others. The type of stock you are investing on must go well with your specific requirements. For instance, if you wish to purchase an apartment within few years then we can suggest you with the most preferred investment plan. However, there are many other factors which have to be taken care of before suggesting our subscribers with such a plan. A major factor among them is to consider the company’s present credential in the stock market.


November 2007

Best Growth Stock LLC was founded in Lake Tahoe Nevada by Dr. Omar L. Caban with the main objective of creating smart stock picks that will provide fast profits to the individual investors.

March 2008

Best Growth Stock launched its website as a weekly newsletter providing subscribers with three stock picks every week.

October 2008

Best Growth Stock picks Apple in its weekly stock market report at a price of $97.07, since then the stock has grown more than 300%.

December 2008

Best Growth Stock starts its Editorial financial newsletter providing non subscribers with investment tips and advices.

March 2009

Best Growth Stock sings a deal with Financial Content Inc to provide live stock market information, quotes, charts and news in its website. The decision is done to transform the main business from a stock pick newsletter into a full financial portal.

January 2010

Best Growth Stock financial portal integrates with the main news and content providers in the world.

March 2010

Best Growth Stock agrees to keep working in the development of its financial portal and select Financial Content Inc as its financial content provider.

May 2011

Best Growth Stock sings a one year contract with Reuters.

What is Next?

We are working in several solutions to provide investors outside our main market with the same high quality content and investment solutions. Also we are working on our first mobile apps.

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