America’s Next Top Investment Hotspot

Whether you’ve saved up diligently over the years or have recently been the lucky beneficiary of a windfall, investing in property is a smart move. With the construction industry still going through a productive phase at the moment, it’s a wise idea to strike while the iron’s hot. Experts are predicting that 2018 is going to see the country’s housing stock surge ahead of demand, meanwhile, so there’s plenty of reason to be optimistic about investment potential. With that in mind, here are three of the top American investment hotspot locations for those on the hunt for their property empire’s next location.


The Lone Star State possesses one of the largest state economies in America – and from an investment point of view, that often spells opportunity. Home to major cities such as Houston, Dallas and Austin, there is plenty of choice here. Dallas, in particular, is a good option for those planning to invest in a residential property. Renting is common here, and it’s often cheaper than buying – so demand for lets is strong.

If you’re searching for a more rural investment, Texas has a multitude of farmland and ranch-based locations. Remember, though, that you may need to upgrade the equipment and kit at the ranch in order to ensure its sustainability and profitability over the long term – so it could be a long-running cash drain.

If you’re planning to flip (buy a home and sell it on), it’s true that some Texas homes susceptible to disaster might not perform as well on the resale market, but given the increasing awareness of disaster preparedness techniques and the rise in home warranty, Texas remains a hotspot for property, and one that’s well worth considering if you’re searching for a southern investment location.


The Sunshine State, meanwhile, is also a property investment hotspot. From the condominiums of Miami to the retirement villages dotted around the region, property is often changing hands here. Statistics show that some of the American cities with the highest property price growth potential are located in Florida, including Orlando and Jacksonville. West Palm Beach, meanwhile, is expected to grow to above the national average in the next three years – suggesting that investors should get themselves down to Palm Beach County if they’re looking for a smart, forward-thinking move.

Given Florida’s high tourist numbers, it may be worth considering investing in a short-term rental here. Not only do many tourists come here for their vacations, but it’s also the case that seasonal workers who only spend a month or two of the year here need somewhere to live. In fact, Florida even plays home to one of the whole country’s best investment sites for short-term rental accommodation: the area of Chula Vista in Fort Lauderdale is extremely attractive to investors thanks to $3,000+ average Airbnb rental earnings, for example, so it may well be worth investigating.

Washington state

While it’s certainly not as much of an economic powerhouse as its fellow Pacific coast state California, Washington is full of potential. Seattle, its largest city and the home of some of the world’s largest companies such as Microsoft and Starbucks, is likely to grow, and the price of the average residence is believed to be about to skyrocket by more than 25% from just over $400,000 to way over $500,000.

Other areas of the state are also about to go on the rise. Those looking to acquire a property with a little touch of rural Twin Peaks-style surroundings can head to areas such as those around the Columbia River, where the buoyant local wine scene means that interest in living and working in the area is often growing. If you’re searching for a sweet spot between the high rental, resale or appreciation potential of Seattle and the low returns in more isolated Washington communities, it’s a good one to investigate.

No matter where in the US you’re looking to invest, it’s highly likely that there will be somewhere that is right for you. From gorgeous rural regions in Washington state to bustling cities in Texas and Florida, you’re sure to be able to find somewhere that’s right for you. Choosing the sort of investment that you want to make is perhaps a little harder, but whether you end up opting for a short-term property, a residential let, or even a ranch, a little research and a good head for planning could be all that you need for a successful investment.