Apple Tops Revenues: How The Future Looks

Best Growth Stock – Apple revenues has been the big buzz in the stock market lately. If you have not stopped by an apple store and see for yourself why the apple shares are heading to $400 then you have been living in another world. As an investor you already know how Apple has surpasses Microsoft as the most valued tech company in the planet. Over the last years it has been all about Apple and Steve Jobs. From the Mac to the iPhone and lastly the iPad there is one thing for sure, Apple keeps the revolution that it started in the 70s.

With the latest earnings release from Apple it was confirmed the dominance of apple and it’s ability to not only create beautiful products but sell them as pan cakes. Even as we can spend one day talking about the accomplishments of Steve Jobs and it’s company we have to talk about what is in the future of the company.

Steve Jobs has been the engine of this company since the beginning but it’s future in the company is not sure. Now with it’s departure from the company for health issues we have to ask ourselves who will replace the mastermind of this company. It is very well known that every product that is released by the company has to be approved by Steve Jobs. More than anything, Mac products are known for it’s simplicity and aesthetic appearance. That combination has created millions in sales during the last quarter. Just take a look at it’s later creation the iPad. It is only a screen with touching capabilities. But with Steve Jobs departure the future might look more like it was in the mid 90s when Apple saw itself with tens of products and no guidance or mass appeal.

As an investor of the present financial market you have to ask if there is any chance that the company will keep delivering it’s product and innovations to the market. Another line of profits that is increasing slowly are two folds. First the App Store and the iAds.

The app store has been a hit since the iPhone. It puts in the hands of developers millions of users and a profit margin of 70%. Apple has continue to push is music store, app store mainly to the mobile users but recently Apple launched the Apps store for it’s Mac users. What does it means? Be prepared to say good bye to the way we install software in our computers and the way we interact with them. The way Apple has been innovating the industry in the past is ultimately to be a computer model with a flash drive and Internet access.

iAds! Welcome to the new advertisement from Apple. If you study how Steve Jobs has managed the company, you will find out that his approach is always with caution. How can he enter into the Google dominated area. Is he ready for the war? Of course Apple has always being ready but the war is not fought in one day but years. As you can see it took more than thirty years to surpass Microsoft but he keeps building the foundation to dominate the advertisement area. Now the iPhone will be available at the CDMA network and it will keep driving it’s revenues over the rest of the year.

With the future of computing already defined by Apple and its line of products this stock should pass the $400 with no resistance. The only thing that is no certain to any stock holder or investor is for how long Steve Jobs will be out of the company and if he has establish a good successor with the same vision and passion for his company.