The Brazilian Congress created a new commission to investigate Petrobras

The Chamber of Deputies of Brazil today created a new commission to investigate the state oil company Petrobras for alleged corruption case, like other two made last year, will be dominated by the ruling group.
The creation of this parliamentary group with broad powers were given at the request of the opposition, which has already announced Wednesday he had gathered enough signatures to request the formation of the commission.

The parties supporting Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, have the prerogative to occupy key positions in the committee, the president and the rapporteur, who has a similar to a magistrate paper.

Still have not announced the names of deputies who exercise these functions, but the Workers Party (PT), formation of Rousseff, has announced that it will claim one of the two posts. The commission will have an initial term of 180 days for investigation, which will address the corruption allegedly committed in the state company from 2005 to the present, and will have powers to summon witnesses and suppress the banking, fiscal and phone confidentiality of any defendant.

Last year, the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate have each set up committees of inquiry into Petrobras for the same corrupt, but both also controlled by the ruling bloc, ended without relevant results.

The last commission recommended the prosecution of 52 people for crimes such as participation in a criminal organization, money laundering and corruption, although 23 of those had already been accused of various crimes by the Federal Justice. The case concerns the artificial increase in the value of tens of Petrobras works with developers and service providers to feed a network that allegedly paid bribes to millionaires oil executives, politicians and parties.

Police today expanded investigations and ordered the arrest of 22 people, including the treasurer of the PT, João Vaccari Neto, who was transferred to testify at the headquarters of the Federal Police in Sao Paulo, although according to the prosecution, has not been charged of any offense and why he left the police station after three hours of testimony.

The prosecutor Carlos Fernando Lima explained that the treasurer was called because it is suspected that “requested legal and illegal donations” to several partner companies Petrobras, which are investigated by the corruption. The crisis forced Petrobras Rousseff Wednesday to accept the resignation of the president of the oil, Maria das Graças Foster, and most of the corporation, whose substitutes be appointed Friday.