Brew Up a Coffee Business for the New Year

First came microbreweries, now micro coffee roasters are popping up in towns all over America. Here’s how to be a part of the latest epicurean business craze.

Lease a Space and Buy Equipment

Depending on the size you want your operation to be, you’ll need a space for a least one roaster and storage space for beans and bags. You can reuse burlap bags for large orders and use a wholesale bag supplier for other sizes. If you’re planning on having a retail space, you might want to lease a building in an area likely to attract coffee aficionados like a warehouse in an up-and-coming part of town. Buying a roaster is a big decision, but it is the only machine you will need. It’s always good to have a small roaster, so start there. Even when you have saved enough for a large roaster, you’ll still want the small one for testing new roasts.

Find Suppliers

You will want to create a relationship will a wholesaler of green coffee beans. You’ll want one that can assure you of quality and sustainable practices, sells in bulk, and willing to work with a smaller roaster. Learn about the origin of the beans, what makes them different from others, and how the farmers achieve the quality and flavor of beans they do.

Perfect Your Roasting

There are a couple of essential parameters for roasting beans, but in the end, everyone has their special recipe. Preheat the roaster and add the beans at 400 degrees; they’ll begin to take on a light roast, then at around 430 degrees, they’ll start to turn into a medium to dark roast. Follow the instructions for your particular roaster and get all the guidance you can get at from the sales representative. Always be testing, brew some coffee after every batch you roast, and have your most trusted coffee lovers give you feedback. They will gladly do some consultant work for you!

Connect with Distributors

Distributors are what will sustain your business. After you’ve perfected your roasts, have a story to your beans. Hire a brand and graphic designer to design your logo, packaging, and slogans. He or she will be able to create an appealing aesthetic to attract business to your product. You can have the best-tasting coffee, but if it doesn’t look professional, vendors won’t take you seriously.

Artisanal coffee is a luxury you can enjoy producing and making a career from doing what you love!