A Calm Black Friday Dominates Shoppers as Online Sales Jump

A calm Black Friday with less crowds in malls than other years due, in part, that it is customary for purchases begin on Thursday after the conclusion of Thanksgiving and an increase in digital commerce. The “black Friday” kicks rebates and increased consumption season of the year, which lasts until Christmas and that US retailers performed on average 20% of their annual sales.

But in recent years the “Black Friday” on Friday, but on Thursday night no family celebration starts after Thanksgiving and go shopping after eating the traditional stuffed turkey has become a habit more. Department stores in the country, like Walmart and Target opened its doors Thursday afternoon and in many locations around the country more rows and clusters were then on the morning of “black Friday.”

It also influences the growth of electronic commerce and as an example, the Target chain said its sales through internet grew 40% over last year. A growing trend is to effect the desired size on the web and then go to the property to collect the product, explained Jamie Stein, director of public relations of the Sears group, which includes chain stores for home Sears and Kmart low price.

Stein explained that Sears has launched a service that the customer can expect “sitting in his car” in the parking lot in front of the store and an employee in charge of bringing the previously purchased items online. The increase in digital purchases occurred today a brief collapse of the website Best Buy, the largest chain of electronics stores in the country.

Given what happened, for example, in 2008 when WalMart employee died in Long Island (New York) wound by customers that have accumulated on site to take advantage of the “Black Friday,” just today there was significant incidents. One of the most curious was recorded at a shop Walmart Norwalk (California), in which two women came to blows over a Barbie doll.

This year the “Black Friday” comes shortly after learning of the decision of a jury of not imputing the white policeman who killed last August to black young Michael Brown in Ferguson (Missouri) and social networks circulating a campaign that encourages boycott shopping day in protest.

The campaign, called “Blackout Blackfriday” (“Turn off the black Friday”) invites citizens not to join the rush of shopping and also advocates to fight inequality and injustice in America.

Dozens of outraged by the non-imputation of the policeman who killed Brown expressed their revulsion late on Thursday in an establishment of the Target chain in Brentwood, close to Ferguson, shouting “Hands up, do not shoot!” and today there were similar protests in Chicago.

On the other hand, for the third year Walmart employees, the largest chain of stores in the country, they plan strikes and protests from today to demand wage increases and better schedules. The newly opened sales season lasts until Christmas and, according to the National Retail Federation, sales will grow this year by 4.1% to 616,900 million, and recorded the largest increase since 2011.

After the “black Friday” will come “Cyber Monday” (“cyber Monday”), the perfect day to buy through internet.