Can The Mobile Industry Rescue The Market

Best Growth Stock – The wireless revolution that we have experienced over the last decade has ignited a big industry and the stock market has responded by pouring investors money into this technology. From the smart phones to the broadband wireless services consumers around the country are spending more money in this technology. At the same time the companies providing access to it has been having a big increase on it’s profits and earnings. For example ATT and Verizon keeps the fight for the market but those are not the only companies to focus your portfolio.

In order to gain from this market you have to analyze the players and what is happening on the sidelines. We have the smart phones market with players on the device area like Motorola, HTC, Apple, Samsung and LG to name a few of the main companies. These companies are profiting from the hardware sold to the consumers. As the consumers keep changing their old devices for more capable one the fight for this market will continue. Since there is no clear winner you may have to take a look into the OS, processors and other hardware that those devices are using.

Right now we have the Apple iOS, Google android, Research in Motion blackberry and finally Microsoft’s windows mobile. Of those four OS two companies, Apple and RIMM are profiting from it and are worth of taking an in depth look into these stocks. By controlling the hardware these companies are controlling the OS and profit margins. That provide a great advantage into their bottom lines. Right now Google has an open source OS that is not providing much profits to it’s marketing business model. Secondly, their attempts to sell their own proprietary Google phone was a failure. Microsoft has been playing catch me if you can in the mobile market.

In terms of the chip makers, Qualcomm, Samsung and Apple are the clear winners. The iPhone and iPads both use a processor designed by Apple but manufactured by Samsung. In this trade both companies are benefiting from the big popularity of the devices. The uniqueness of the requirements of long battery life and performance makes this area very competitive. Qualcomm has to be taken very seriously as rumors are that the next generation of those devices will be powered buy their technology that is already used by other providers such as Motorola and HTC. Their stock might be undervalue for their future market potential. Intel and dual core processors are also on the watch but as of the near future the company and it’s stock might not be benefiting from this market.

In the consumer area you have to pay a close attention to the ATT – Verizon match. Both are quickly upgrading their network but the high level of complaints about the ATT network might be troubling to their stock. By the other way Verizon has a solid customer base and now they will start selling the iPhone which may cause an exodus of consumers from one network to the other. This may provide a boost to their stock that has suffered from the popularity of the iPhone over the past years.

The wireless sector might be one of the most undervalued areas were you can invest your money and profit in the stock market today. Keep a good record of those companies, their core business and invest wisely.