Canada’s Flaherty won’t change budget if elected

* May update economic projections, depending on timing

* Flaherty confirms he is a candidate

CALGARY, Alberta, March 26 (Reuters) – Canadian Finance
Minister Jim Flaherty said on Saturday he will reintroduce his
latest budget without changes if the Conservative Party wins
the election on May 2.

“We will present the same budget to Parliament, certainly,”
Flaherty told reporters in a news conference after a meeting of
finance ministers of the Americas.

Canada’s three opposition parties brought down the minority
Conservative government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper on
Friday, saying the government was tainted by sleaze, managed
the economy poorly and was in contempt of Parliament.

Flaherty had presented a federal budget on Tuesday that was
immediately rejected by all opposition leaders. But they never
got around to a parliamentary vote on the plan, toppling Harper
first on a Liberal motion of nonconfidence.

“Parliament has not voted on the budget. It voted on a
procedural motion yesterday,” Flaherty said.

He said the only possible changes to the budget would be
updates to the economic assumptions used for fiscal planning.

“But fundamentally it would be the same document, updated
if necessary,” he said.

Flaherty confirmed he is running as a candidate in the
election and dismissed a promise by Liberal leader Michael
Ignatieff that he would not seek to form a coalition with the
other parties if the Conservatives win another minority.

Polls show the right-of-center Conservatives are set to
retain power in what will be Canada’s fourth election in less
than seven years.
(Reporting by Louise Egan and Jeffrey Jones; editing by
Mohammad Zargham)

Canada’s Flaherty won’t change budget if elected