Car sales increase on improved US economy

The sustained improvement in the US economy and falling oil prices helped motivate consumers in November, said today the major automakers reported widespread increases in sales in November. The pace of auto sales in the penultimate month of 2014 was so frantic that reached a level equivalent to annual sales of 17.1 million cars, something not achieved since 2003, according to industry data.

The increase in sales in November was made possible by several factors, such as arrival at dealerships new 2015 models, the traditional “black Friday” with discounts and especially improving the economic situation in the United States, as noted by several manufacturers. “More people have jobs and job security, wages are starting to increase the wealth of households is growing and it looks like 2015 will lower prices at the pump” gas, the vice president for sales of General Motors (GM) US, Kurt McNeil.

“All this helped to have an exceptional month and help maintain healthy sales in the future,” the executive added in a statement.

For his part, Vice President of the division of Japanese automaker Toyota, Bill Fay said in a statement that “industry sales during the weekend of Thanksgiving were better than expected.” In this context, the four major automakers, Ford just finished November with a decline in sales.

The Chrysler Group again become the star of the month to increase its sales by 20% over the same month of 2013. In total, the six brands Chrysler Fiat Group Automobile (FCA) sold 170,839 vehicles, the highest ever in November by the manufacturer since 2001.

Reid Bigland, sales of Chrysler Group in the United States, said in a statement in November had “a total of 11 vehicles that set new sales records. To date, the Chrysler Group remains the manufacturer’s fastest growing in the country. ”

At the other end, Ford said sales fell 2% to 187,000 vehicles sold. But both Ford and analysts had anticipated that the manufacturer Blue Oval suffer another month of losses while continuing the transition to a new generation of one of its most important models, the truck “pickup” F-150. In a conference call with media and industry experts, Erich Merkle, Ford sales analyst, predicted that the situation will continue in the coming months.

“It just launch the Dearborn Truck Plant and still have to do the same in the first quarter of next year with Kansas City,” he said.

“So as we go through this transition, we will be very careful to manage our spending on incentives in relation to our inventory levels to ensure that we are able to keep inventory volumes during the process, which will lead us to the next year, “he added.

Among the Chrysler Group and Ford General Motors and Toyota group stood.

November sales of General Motors in the United States were 225,818 vehicles, up 6.5% from a year ago, while Toyota totaled 183,346 vehicles, an increase of 3%.

In General Motors only disappoint its luxury brand, Cadillac, which accumulated another month of losses, this time by 18.7%, after selling 13,148 vehicles. For the Japanese manufacturer, both the Toyota division, which includes the Scion brand as the luxury Lexus ended November to rise, mainly due to strong demand for light trucks and SUVs.

The Honda group (formed by Honda and Acura) sold 121,814 vehicles, up 4.6%, while Nissan (Nissan and Infiniti) group closed the month with 103,188 units, down 3.1%. And the South Korean Hyundai and Kia also ended November low, 4% and sales of 53,672 units in the case of the former, and less than 1% to 44,936 vehicles in the case of the second.