How to Clear Out the Old and Earn Some Cash

With the start of a new calendar year comes the promise of finally taking on that decluttering, reorganizing, scrubbing, or polishing project that you’ve been putting off for too long. With this newfound commitment to cleaning and invigoration (“this is the year!”), you can bank on going through what you have and throwing out the things you don’t need.

Cleaning is a chore that has all sorts of benefits to the look and feel of your space as well as your overall happiness. While some people love feeling productive with a mop and bucket in hand, others find the exercise tedious and end up delaying deep cleaning time and time again.

Cleaning Can Earn You Money

If you’ve got a garage full of junk and suspect some of it has value that you aren’t using, then sorting out what you want and deciding to sell the rest could be just what to do when you need cash in your pocket. Unexpected costs come up every now and then, so it never hurts to make a little extra dosh here and there.

When you’re working hard, paying bills, repaying loans, and still struggling to make payments, an emergency situation like an unexpected medical bill or a plumbing issue could call for you to make use of an online payday loan. You might not have the time to sort through old junk or find a buyer for your old lawn mower, so payday lenders can really help.

Easy payday loans are always there if you need them and reliable providers of short-term loans like GoDay make it easy to find extra funds where you need them. But for other instances, there are creative and useful ways to turn your unused items into extra cash through trading, selling, and recycling.

Start Selling and Trading

Making an effort to declutter and organize your home or office does, in fact, save you tons of time in the long run. What’s more, studies have shown that keeping a tidy and organized home makes people happier and boosts our moods. When it comes down to trading and recycling your goods, there’s the added benefit of knowing you’re making a green decision to keep an item out of a landfill.

There are many online buy-and-sell platforms out there for you to use as you declutter. The Canadian trading platform, Bunz, made a huge imprint on the Toronto community and has spread to different cities where people buy, sell, and trade clothing, furniture, appliances, and more.

The point of trading platforms is to advertise anything you are looking to get rid of (say, a toaster) and agree to swap it for an item of similar value (or to sell it for cash). It’s a quick, easy, and admittedly fun way to earn some extra money when you need it fast.

Don’t Rush

In the instance when you need cash right away, it might be your instinct to grow worried and panic. But it’s important not to rush into a making a choice out of desperation. Something like a credit card advance, short-term loan, personal loan, or retirement account loan should be considered carefully before you make a decision.