CNN polls show gain for Obama, drop for Palin

WASHINGTON (BestGrowthStock) – President Barack Obama has picked up support among Democrats to get his party’s nomination again in 2012, while former Alaska governor Sarah Palin has lost backing among Republicans, polls released on Tuesday showed.

CNN said a December 17-19 CNN/Opinion Research survey of nearly 500 Democrats found 78 percent supporting Obama’s renomination, while 19 percent said their party should nominate a different candidate.

The sampling of Democratic sentiment came just after the Obama-Republican package to extend expiring tax rates and unemployment benefits cleared Congress.

A CNN poll asking the same questions at the end of October had shown 73 percent support for Obama and 22 percent for a different candidate.

In a December 17-19 poll of a similar number of Republicans, CNN found 49 percent saying they were very likely or somewhat likely to back Palin if she ran for the GOP nomination in 2012, down from 67 percent in December 2008, shortly after she had been the vice presidential candidate in Senator John McCain’s losing race for president.

Palin has maintained a high profile since then and been a major leader of the conservative Tea Party movement, but drawn fire from moderate Republicans and others who say she is too far to the right and a divisive figure.

The poll found 59 percent of Republicans saying they would be somewhat or very likely to support former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, down from 61 percent in late 2008.

Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee was at 67 percent, against 65 percent in 2008, and former House speaker Newt Gingrich at 54 percent against 52 percent.

(Reporting by Jerry Norton; Editing by Peter Bohan)

CNN polls show gain for Obama, drop for Palin