Computer Business Checks vs Manual Business Checks

Business checks are a convenient payment solution for businesses to purchase supplies, pay for services, and give salaries to employees. Business checks are somewhat like a blank form that are given to account holders by their banks. Whenever required, account holders can fill out this form and give them to people and businesses they owe money to. When they receive the written check, banks authenticate it and then releases the payment by taking out the money from the account number linked to that check. The payment is either credited directly to the banking account of the recipient or if it’s a bearer check the amount is given as cash to the person submitting the check.

Generally, business checks can be categorized into two types, computer business checks and manual business checks. In this post, we will talk about them individually and learn the advantages and disadvantages associated with each type.

Computer Business Checks

Computer business checks are generally used with Quickbooks and other accounting software packages. Companies that need to issue a lot of checks every month to vendors and employees generally use computer checks. Companies enter payment information into the accounting software and a compatible printer is used to print the checks in bulk.

The bulk printing feature reduces effort and time required to issue multiple checks. Computer checks can also be customized to match different accounting software packages. Computer business checks also have the company’s logo and a few lines of information printed on them. When used with an accounting software, keeping track of all the checks issued by a firm becomes really easy.

Who Needs Computer Checks?

 Computer checks are used by both small and large businesses that need to send out checks in batches.  These can be payroll checks for employees or checks to pay for vendor services and goods.

Computer business checks completely eliminate the effort of writing checks individually, so businesses and individuals can concentrate on the things that matter.

Manual Business Checks

Manual checks come in different designs and styles. Although manual checks have been used since the very beginning, they are still commonly used by small businesses and individuals. For most businesses that need to periodically send out batches of checks, manual business checks are too time consuming to be practical.

Businesses often use manual checks to make special and unscheduled payments. The convenience of a manual check over a computer business check is that the former does not require an accounting software, printer, and a computer. This means they are perfect for carrying around and making unplanned payments.

Who Needs Manual Checks?

Manual checks are perfect for small businesses that do not use accountancy software or computers. These checks are also perfect for business executives who need to travel and issue checks on the go.

Manual business checks and computer business checks have existed side by side for years. Contrary to popular belief, computer business checks are not an alternative to manual checks. They serve different purposes and a business can choose to use both types of business checks to tackle different payment scenarios.