Consumers , publishers and Google rivals criticize the agreement with the EC

The European Consumers Association ( BEUC ) , organizations of newspaper and magazine publishers and companies competing platforms like Google FairSearch today saw insufficient agreement in principle reached between the firm and the European Commission (EC ) on possible abuse of dominance .

” The European Commission has now fallen well below the goal of ensuring that the consumer has a fair offer regarding online searches in Europe ,” he said in a statement the Director General of BEUC , Monique Goyens . In his view , consumers ” should expect a neutral search results ” , which ” is not a reality today because of the nature of Google ‘s business model .”

“We expected that the EC will remedy this,” he said, adding that after several years working “This is a deeply disappointing conclusion of the process.”

The European Commission today announced a tentative agreement with Google that can put an end to a case of possible abuse of dominant position in the search market and online advertising , which provides an opportunity for the U.S. company to avoid a fine millionaire .

The agreement will not be subject to a market test , but specified that the EC will report on the details to the interested parties, who may express their views.

BEUC cited as the main concern how the results of research about price comparison , it considered that benefit businesses that have greater commercial influence is presented.

He also criticized the deal between Google and the Commission has been completed “mostly closed ” , and regretted that the EU ” is not going to find the answers to parts formally interested ” in the antitrust investigation conducted by Brussels for three years , which ” has not met the target proposed to combat the abuse of a dominant market position .”

For its part, the European Newspaper Publishers Association (ENPA ) and the Magazine Publishers ( EMMA ) showed in a note “great concern ” so from their point of view ‘seems a flick of the EC to achieve agreement ” on the case of Google , ” despite the lack of evidence “that the latest proposal finder ” would end his abuse of dominant position ” .

Specifically , regretted that Google ” will have boldness ” to promote their own services in an ” abusive” and ” degrading his opponents at their own discretion .”

“We believe strongly that a compromise decision in this case would seriously undermine the competition law of the EU, an essential pillar ” declared , adding to the similar position of the Association of Spanish Newspaper Publishers ( AEDE ) and German organizations publishers of newspapers and magazines , who complained to the EC.

In particular, newspaper editors called equitable criteria and search the content of newspapers, magazines or online publications ” beyond truly indispensable for navigation purposes in horizontal searches without consent ” is not used.

The legal adviser for Europe FairSearch , Thomas Vinje said finally that the EC has accepted the proposal Google “is worse than doing nothing ” to combat alleged anti-competitive behavior of the U.S. giant .

The head of the platform, driven in part by Microsoft , said that consultations with industry on the first two packages of remedies proposed by Google concluded that they were not successful , so it was ” vital” also refer to the review of the sector is third offer finder .