Could You Use an Answering Service for Your Business?

Many people think that entrepreneurs or sole proprietors can’t afford to hire professional, remote answering services and that only expensive professionals like doctors and lawyers have these luxuries. But anyone who needs to maintain contact with their customers can use an answering service and it makes economic sense, even for small businesses. Many industries use an answering service to cover for breaks and vacations, and some rely on these services exclusively. It is often less expensive to contract with an answering service than to hire a full-time employee.

Here are some of the many industries that use off-site phone answering:

  • Healthcare professionals and facilities (physicians, psychologists, nurse practitioners, etc.)
  • Contractors (carpenters, plumbers, electricians, etc.)
  • Schools
  • Local government offices
  • computer companies
  • lawyers
  • appliance repair people
  • drivers
  • animal rescue services

Many of these industries have full-time receptionists on staff to take calls during business hours, but they use an answering service to cover for lunch, breaks, times when the office is closed or emergencies. Instead of encountering a cold and impersonal message on a machine or an automated answering system, customers talk to a real person. This makes them feel listened to and they are more likely to call back again.

Full-Time Answering Service

Some businesses, particularly small or single-person affairs, choose to hire an answering service to handle all of their calls. They don’t have to spend time interviewing and hiring a receptionist, pay a salary and benefits or provide a work station. Calls are always answered; there are no breaks for lunch or need to leave early for dentist’s appointments or calling off because of sick children. When you hire an answering service, someone is always there to take the calls and relay the messages. This builds customer loyalty and boosts sales. Having someone answer your calls also frees up your time for other business activities, such as making outgoing calls or meeting with clients. When you get your messages, you can decide which ones are most important and which ones can wait or be passed on to someone else to handle. No more being a slave to your phone.

Always on Call

Even if you have a last-minute change of plans or an emergency, an answering service can easily pick up the calls. It is as easy as pressing a few numbers on your phone to switch over to the company you have hired. No more scrambling to cover sick days or trying to schedule vacations for a time when someone can cover the phones.

When you consider the cost in time and money to hire full-time employees, contracting with an answering service can save you a lot of heads and not a little cash.