Current Global Stock Market

Best Growth Stock – The current situation of the global stock market cannot be described in one word. It has both upward and downward strains. Companies are simultaneously making profits and facing losses. Competition was never this fierce before. No one is willing to leave an inch of ground without acquiring the right price for it.

French Yogurt maker Yoplait has become the centre of attention for many and it has turned into the centre for anticipated investment for two. Nestle SA, the world’s largest food company has is leading in the bid to buy Yoplait. But Nestle is not into this without tough competition. Packaged food supplier General Mills is giving Nestle neck-to-neck competition in the bidding. Both of the companies have a filed a handsome offer of $2.2 billion. The result of this high profile bid is expected to be released in the nest few weeks. But apart from these two companies some other companies are also trying to win the bid. Bright Dairy and Food Co. Shanghai have filed the highest bid of 1.7 billion Euros by far. But unfortunately the Shanghai-based company did not get an approval from the authority. Experts are anticipating that the French Government might present a surprise last-moment French bidder.

On one hand two companies are at logger-heads to win another, on the other hand two companies are joining hands to market innovative products. Ranbaxy Laboratories limited have sealed a deal with Daiichi Sankyo Co. to market innovative products in Singapore. The products were originally invented by Daiichi Sankyo. Ranbaxy will look after the marketing options. The share prices of Ranbaxy have gone up by 4.05%.

Yoplait has become the talk of the town. But Technicolor SA is rapidly disappearing from the market’s area of attention. Technicolor SA has hit an all time low and has made a loss of 69 million Euros. The turn over of the company in the previous year was 3.62 billion Euros. This year the turn has been reduced to 3.57 billion Euros. The company has employed new strategies to increase the annual turnover. A lot of the company’s fate is riding on investments in organic growth and innovation.

Persimmon Plc has strategically managed to make a good profit unlike Technicolor SA. The shares of the UK-based home builder went up by 10.5 %, a remarkable increase during such troubled economy. The companies profit was temporarily obstructed by insufficient mortgage approvals. But improved returns have helped the company to retain a position of profit and in future also the position of the company seems to be stable. The statistics of the company shows that the company has legally completed 9,384 homes this year, which is 4.5% higher than last year. The company has given its shareholders reason enough to smile. It has made a decision to make a dividend of 4.5 pence per share to its shareholders payable by the end of May, 2011.

The UK market is largely unstable. It is on the verge of hitting a low point unless some particular companies boost the economy.