“Cyber Monday” grows over traditional sales

US businesses participated today, almost without exception, of “Cyber Monday Fever,” the great day of the sale on the internet, which is expected to exceed sales records as it has done since 2010.

Only at noon today, electronic sales had increased by 9.2% over last year, according to estimates by the IBM consultant. As complaint, and to the increased demand of trade “online”, increasingly used in the United States, many companies are turning to expand sales periods, with the aim of making the consumer boom.

The “Cyber Monday” is being passed to the “cyberweek”, and some sites even “cybermonth” well spacing offers and allowing more time for consumers to compare prices and find bargains.

Internet consultancy ComScore reported that the volume of purchases through the online trade amounted to US $ 22,700 million in the first 28 days of November. That figure represents 15% more than last year, while electronic purchases grew 32% in the Thanksgiving Day (November 27), reaching 1,000 million, and 26% in the “Friday Black “(November 28), reaching 1,500 million.

The firm estimates that Americans spend today only about 2,500 million dollars, 2,000 million estimated they spent in 2013. Gian Fulgoni, chairman of ComScore said in a statement that “good health” of online sales is due in part to improve the responsiveness of the portals to the demand of users.

Also relevant is the fact that many choose to seek such offers from home, avoiding out to the stores crowded during rebajas.Tiendas clothes like Gap and Banana Republic now offering 40% discount on all online purchases, while that Wal-Mart supermarkets doubled the number of its sale last year items.

They have also designed a “super” late late in the day known as “Evening Edition” , where buyers can enjoy up to 90% discount on some electronic products, which are bid the items star in this date. “We expect a good momentum for the rest of the day”, Fernando Madeira, president and CEO of Walmart.com, after noon said.

“One in five people plan to shop at night to prevent your work schedule,” said Madeira. The “Cyber Monday” was coined in 2005 by Shop.org, a branch of traders belonging to the National Retail Federation in the country (NRF) with the aim of encouraging people to buy Internet. 2010 became the day more purchases online were recorded for the year, something that has been repeated since.

During the weekend of sales, the NRF estimated that there were 5.3% fewer buyers than last year and 11% less than the regular spending cuts. However, the Federation expects total increase, including electronic sales throughout the sales period by 4.1% over last year to reach 616,900 million in 2014.