Democrats vs Republicans: Elections 2010

During this election year we have seen how the democrats and republicans has been fighting on who has done the worst job in congress. The conversation has been how we can blame the other party rather that I offer this solution. President Obama said that America must decided in whether or not we want to move forward or go back to the policies that made no sense. The Republicans will say that after 18 months in office president Obama has been spending taxpayers money without any real progress in our economy. This elections are very critical to our country and society. As America is fighting two wars, record budget deficit and record spending with an economy that is not responding well to the latest stimuli. What kind of goverment is going to move this market forward?

It will be the goverment of the big tax cuts and cut in domestic spending or it will be the goverment of the tax increase and big domestic spending. The american people will soon decide the fate of this country for the next two years, sending a message across Washington that it is the economy and the financial system that we care the most. We need to have a goverment that will work with private business owners and the main financial institutions to create the private capital needed to to mover our economy. At the same time we must share our burden of taxes equally across the board. In other words we need a compromise of both parties to put politics aside and start working for the people because after all this goverment is from the people to the people. That is why our consititution starts We the people and not We the goverment. It is our wish that after this election is over we can concentrate in moving this stock market and economy forward. We need to see real progress in the job, credit, banking and spending. This country has been big and prosperous for every generation but we need to empower our people. Let’s this election empower our people and put this goverment to work for us.