DIARY – Economic Indicators in Germany from August 31


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31AUG 0800/1000 Unemployment rate SA (official data) Aug 7.6% 7.6%
31AUG 0800/1000 Unemployment change SA (official data) Aug -20.0k -20.0k
31AUG 0800/1000 Unemployment total SA Aug 3.211m
31AUG 0800/1000 Unemployment total NSA Aug 3.2m 3.192m
01SEP 0600/0800 Retail Sales (real) y/y Jul 1.4% 3.1%
01SEP 0600/0800 Retail Sales (real) m/m Jul 0.5% -0.9%
01SEP 0753/0953 Markit/BME Manufact’g PMI Aug 58.2 58.2
03SEP 0753/0953 Markit Services PMI (index) Aug 58.5 58.5
07SEP 1000/1200 Industrial Orders m/m Jul 3.2%
08SEP 0600/0800 Imports m/m SA Jul 1.9%
08SEP 0600/0800 Exports m/m SA Jul 3.8%
08SEP 0600/0800 Trade balance monthly balance SA Jul 12.3b

08SEP 1000/1200 Industrial Production m/m Jul -0.6%
09SEP 0600/0800 CPI final y/y Aug 1.2%
09SEP 0600/0800 HICP final y/y Aug 1.2%
09SEP 0600/0800 CPI final m/m Aug 0.3%
09SEP 0600/0800 HICP final m/m Aug 0.3%
13-16SEP 0600/0800 Wholesale price index m/m Aug -0.3%
13-16SEP 0600/0800 Wholesale price index y/y Aug 5.3%
14SEP 0900/1100 ZEW Economic Sentiment (indicator) Sep 14.0
14SEP 0900/1100 ZEW-Current conditions (indicator) Sep 44.3
17SEP 0600/0800 Producer price index y/y Aug 3.7%
17SEP 0600/0800 Producer price index m/m Aug 0.5%
23SEP 0728/0928 Markit Composite Flash PMI Sep 59.3
23SEP 0728/0928 Markit Services Flash PMI Sep 58.5
23SEP 0728/0928 Markit/BME MFG Flash PMI Sep 58.2
24-29SEP 0600/0800 Import Prices m/m Aug
24-29SEP 0600/0800 Import Prices y/y Aug
24SEP 0800/1000 Ifo Business Sentiment (indicator) Sep 106.7
24SEP 0800/1000 Ifo – Current conditions (indicator) Sep 108.2
24SEP 0800/1000 Ifo – Expectations (indicator) Sep 105.2
27-28SEP CPI y/y preliminary Sep
27-28SEP HICP prelim m/m (harmonised index of Sep

consumer prices)
27-28SEP HICP prelim y/y Sep
27-28SEP CPI m/m preliminary Sep

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DIARY – Economic Indicators in Germany from August 31