Dutch dredger proposes dike to block Gulf oil spill

AMSTERDAM (BestGrowthStock) – Van Oord, the world’s third largest dredger, said on Friday it had proposed building a massive dike off the coast of Louisiana to protect the region’s ecosystem at threat from an oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico.

Dutch-based Van Oord and Deltares, a research center for river delta technology, said they had come up with a concept to combat the oil spill and the proposal was being discussed in the United States.

“It should be possible in a few months time to build an artificial sand dune in that area … and protect the very sensitive coast,” spokesman Bert Groothuizen said.

Van Oord and Deltares said in a joint statement: “Given the size of the slick and the possibility that oil will continue to spill out for several weeks or months, it will be impossible to clean up the oil before it reaches the coast.”

BP Plc engineers were working on Friday to lower a metal containment chamber onto the ruptured oil well.

Van Oord, partly owned by Dutch builder BAM, is the world’s third biggest dredging firm and was involved in the land reclamation project The World in Dubai — a group of 300 artificial islands shaped in the form of the continents.

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(Reporting by Aaron Gray-Block; Editing by David Holmes)

Dutch dredger proposes dike to block Gulf oil spill