Egyptian protesters push for more political reforms

CAIRO (Reuters) – More than 2,000 people gathered across the Egyptian capital Friday to demand more political reform, including a speedy trial of ousted president Hosni Mubarak, state news agency MENA said.

One thousand protesters, gathered in Tahrir square — the epicenter of Egypt’s uprising — chanted nationalist slogans and called for Mubarak and other figures from his government be tried for corruption. They also called for the release of the country’s political prisoners, MENA said.

Tahrir square in central Cairo has become a popular gathering point for demonstrators since the wave of anti-government protests that toppled Mubarak on Feb 11.

In a separate protest in downtown Cairo, 1,000 Coptic Christians gathered to demand the release of protesters they said were detained in a previous protest, and called for speedy investigations into recent incidents of sectarian strife.

And in a third protest also in central Cairo, 500 people gathered in front of Egypt’s state television and radio building, demanding that all employees hired by Mubarak’s government leave their posts for what they said was “incorrect and misleading” coverage of the anti-Mubarak protests.

(Writing by Shaimaa Fayed; editing by Philippa Fletcher)

Egyptian protesters push for more political reforms