Factbox: European airports and airspace affected by ash cloud

(BestGrowthStock) – Europe’s skies reopened for business on Wednesday but it could take days or weeks to clear the six-day backlog.

Here is a list of countries as of 1300 GMT on Wednesday and their airspace status:

* Denotes new or updated item

AUSTRIA – Airspace open as of 0300 GMT Monday.

BELGIUM – Belgium began allowing planes to land on Tuesday. Some flight departures were allowed from 1200 GMT Tuesday.

BOSNIA – Airports open (see Serbia entry).

BRITAIN – Britain reopened its airspace on Tuesday night. British Airways say it will operate all its long-haul flights departing from Heathrow and Gatwick airports on Wednesday, but there would be short-haul cancellations to and from London airports until 1200 GMT.

BULGARIA – All airspace and airports open.

* CZECH REPUBLIC – Airspace and airports open as of 1000 GMT on Monday. Prague Airport plans to handle 322 flights on Wednesday, around 83 percent of normal operations.

DENMARK – Denmark will reopen all its airspace at 0900 GMT.

ESTONIA – Airspace open.

FINLAND – Finland’s airspace is open and most airports will operate from 0900 GMT.

* FRANCE – All French long-haul flights should be departing as normal, but flights to some northern European airports could still be suspended. Air France-KLM said in a statement its network was almost back to normal.

* GERMANY – Air traffic control say German airspace would be open by 0900 GMT. Airports in the cities of Hamburg, Berlin, Bremen, and Hanover were open at the moment, but all others, including the main traffic hub in Frankfurt, remained closed. No fixed time had been set for the full opening of German airspace.

HUNGARY – Hungarian airspace is fully open, the air traffic authority said around 0800 GMT on Tuesday.

* IRELAND – Flights in Northern Europe (except flights between Ireland and the UK) to operate as scheduled from 0400 GMT Thursday. Flights between Ireland and UK will resume normal schedules from 0400 GMT on Friday.

ITALY – Airspace has completely reopened.

LATVIA – Airspace open.

LUXEMBOURG – Luxembourg Airport reopened at 0800 GMT Tuesday.

MOLDOVA – Resumed international flights from 0730 GMT Tuesday.

MONTENEGRO – Airports open (see Serbia).

NETHERLANDS – Passenger flights began on Monday. Night flights resumed on Tuesday.

NORWAY – All Norway’s airspace, including over offshore oil installations, is open until 1200 GMT. Airport authority Avinor anticipates that the airspace will remain open until tonight.

POLAND – Poland was reopening its airspace from 0500 GMT.

* PORTUGAL – All airports have been open throughout the crisis — its airspace has not been affected.

ROMANIA – Airspace fully reopened.

RUSSIA – All airports open. Aeroflot is flying to the United States via the North Pole.

SERBIA – Air traffic control said most of the air space in its area of responsibility (Serbia, Montenegro, parts of Bosnia and Southern Adriatic) is again affected by the volcanic ash cloud. It will decide every six hours whether to close airspace partially or completely. Airports in Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia are currently open for traffic.

* SLOVAKIA – Airspace and airports open as of 1240 GMT on Monday. Bratislava airport has resumed operation of flights, but no heavy traffic as Ryanair, operating most of the flight to and from Slovakia, has suspended all flights until Thursday 1100


SLOVENIA – Slovenian airspace was opened at 1000 GMT on Tuesday. It had been partly closed since 0200 GMT Tuesday.

SPAIN – 17 airports open.

SWEDEN – Stockholm Arlanda airport will reopen at 1400 GMT. Aviation authority say bans on flying through most of Swedish airspace would be gradually lifted throughout the day.

SWITZERLAND – Geneva and Zurich airports reopened on Tuesday morning though some flights were canceled at both.

* TURKEY – All airports open. Flight restrictions at certain altitudes in three Black Sea cities have been lifted.

UKRAINE – Major airline MAU say it plans to conduct all regular flights, including flights to Europe.


(Compiled by London Editorial Reference Unit)

Factbox: European airports and airspace affected by ash cloud