FACTBOX-Figures and facts about UPS and its biggest air hub

Below find information about Worldport, United Parcel
Service Inc’s (UPS.N: ) biggest air hub, whose expansion was
completed in April. For a story about life and technology in
the hub, click on [ID:nN26169732].

After the expansion, Worldport is 5.2 million square feet,
up from 4 million.

By comparison, Worldport’s passenger terminal neighbor in
Louisville, Kentucky is 362,000 square feet, and UPS’ next
largest hub by size, its newly opened Shenzhen hub in China, is
almost 1 million square feet.

Worldport is the size of 90 football fields. It has 155
miles of conveyor belts and processes 416,000 packages per hour
at peak capacity.

There are 4,482 miles of fiber optic cable criss-crossing
the hub. That’s almost enough to stretch from Louisville to
Seattle and back.

When originally building Worldport, which opened in 2002,
UPS discovered an Indian burial ground. It elected not to
exhume the bodies and instead built around them, leaving an
island of grass surrounded by concrete.

Since 1991, 111 companies have moved to Louisville for its
proximity to UPS. Those companies generated an estimated annual
payroll of $233 million.

UPS maintains 15 “hot spares” planes that are ready to go
in 30 minutes in the event of a malfunction, bad weather or a
spike in volume. In 2009, the company flew about 300 hot

UPS calls company planes “browntails” for their brown and
gold color scheme, consistent with its trucks, uniforms and

Worldport’s dispatchers communicate with pilots through a
kind of aeronautic IM, an instant messaging system in which
they talk to each other by typing short messages on a keypad.
Typos crop up during turbulence.

Overhead lights are kept off in the Louisville air hub’s
command and control center because UPS found after studying the
practices of related organizations that a dark room is more
conducive to calm under pressure. Previously, the center
featured a siren that blared in emergencies.

Source: UPS

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(Reporting by Helen Chernikoff, editing by Muralikumar

FACTBOX-Figures and facts about UPS and its biggest air hub