Factbox: Murkowski becomes seventh ousted incumbent

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (BestGrowthStock) – Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski became the seventh member of Congress voted out of office this year amid the anti-incumbent fervor fanned largely by the weak U.S. economy and conservative Tea Party movement.

Murkowski conceded defeat on Tuesday to a Tea Party-backed candidate who carries the endorsement of former Alaska Governor and potential 2012 presidential contender Sarah Palin.

Here is a list of the six incumbent U.S. lawmakers, three Republicans and three Democrats, who lost re-election bids earlier this year in state primaries or a state convention.

— Three-term Senator Robert Bennett of Utah. Like many Republicans challenged by members of their own party, Bennett was denounced as not conservative enough. His bid for another term ended in May at a state party convention. “The political atmosphere obviously has been toxic,” he said afterward.

— Five-term Senator Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania. A moderate, he bolted from the Republican Party last year and became a Democrat. Despite support from the Obama White House, Specter lost his new party’s primary in May.

— Six-term Republican Representative Bob Inglis of South Carolina. A critic of Tea Party favorite Palin and what he described as right-wing fear-mongering, he lost his party’s primary in June.

— Fourteen-term Democratic Representative Alan Mollohan of West Virginia. Damaged by ethics allegations, he was defeated in his party’s primary in May by a challenger who lambasted him for backing President Barack Obama’s plan to overhaul U.S. healthcare.

— Seven-term Democratic Representative Carolyn Kilpatrick of Michigan; she lost her state’s primary in August, hurt by her dogged defense of her son, former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, who was indicted on political corruption charges.

— First-term Representative Parker Griffith of Alabama; a conservative, he bolted the Democratic Party in December, saying he fit more comfortably with Republicans; six months later, Republicans rejected him in their state primary.

Dozens of incumbents, primarily Democrats, are in danger of being defeated in the November 2 congressional election. Among those in trouble are Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada, who is opposed by a Tea Party-backed candidate.

(Reporting by Thomas Ferraro; editing by Anthony Boadle)

Factbox: Murkowski becomes seventh ousted incumbent