FACTBOX-Palm Inc’s key asset: webOS software

HELSINKI, April 16 (BestGrowthStock) – Palm Inc (PALM.O: ), the money-losing
smartphone maker, has hired bankers to explore several options, including a sale
of the company.[ID:nN12134403]

Following are the main features of Palm’s key asset, its Linux-based webOS
operating system, into which Kaufman Bros estimates Palm has invested $600


The underlying principle of webOS is the concept of “information
everywhere”, using its Palm Synergy feature to gather data from multiple
locations, from PCs to Internet-based e-mail accounts, social networking sites
and corporate servers.

The address book is linked so contacts that contain information from
multiple sources (such as Google and Facebook) are presented in a single
listing. This capability also extends to calendar and messaging functions.

The messaging function enables users to track conversations in a single view
and reply using SMS, MMS, e-mail or instant messaging, regardless of the format
of the original message.


With support for multi-touch and multiple input mechanisms it is one of the
closest rivals to Apple’s (AAPL.O: ) iPhone in terms of hardware flexibility and
user interface.

Differing from the iPhone, webOS has highly capable multi-tasking
environment — like Nokia’s (NOK1V.HE: ) N900 model — enabling the user to
multitask with several open programmes.

WebOS is fast and responsive. Palm’s Pixi model uses relatively modest
hardware but it is fast and highly responsive.

Innovative user interface incorporates gestures to execute basic tasks —
like throwing an application off the screen to close, and a backwards swipe
along the gestures panel to move back through an application.


Application development is based entirely on web standards, making it a
relatively easy platform for third-party developers to create software for. This
was a necessity given the challenge inherent in attracting developers to a
platform with a relatively small volume potential.
Sources: CCS Insight, analyst reports
(Reporting by Tarmo Virki; Editing by Rupert Winchester)

FACTBOX-Palm Inc’s key asset: webOS software