Factbox: Some facts about Palm Inc

(BestGrowthStock) – Palm Inc (PALM.O: ), the loss-making smartphone maker, is seeking bids for the company, Bloomberg said, citing three people familiar with the situation.

Below are some facts about Palm Inc from 2009 figures:


Market capitalization – $870 million

Revenue – $736 million

Operating loss – $265 million

Employees – 939

Smartphone units shipped – 2.4 million


Palm, Treo, Palm OS, Pre, Pixi and Centro

Operating System webOS:

– Launched in January 2009

– New platform introduced Palm Synergy, which brings information from all the places it resides, primarily multiple calendars, contacts and messaging applications, into one view

– Palm Pre and Pixi use webOS

Source: Reuters; Company reports

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Factbox: Some facts about Palm Inc