Factbox: Volkswagen and Porsche: How do they match up?

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Here are the vital statistics of the two carmakers:


Market Capitalization – $44 billion

Revenue – 105 billion euro ($139.8 billion)

Unit Sales – 6.309 million

Employees – 370,000

Plants – 60 production facilities in 21 countries

Key Models – Comprises the namesake VW hallmark on passenger cars, vans and light trucks, Audi, Skoda, Seat, Bentley luxury cars, sports cars Lamborghini and Bugatti as well as Scania trucks.


Market Capitalization – $5.5 billion

Revenue – 6.5 billion euros ($8.65 billion)

Unit Sales – 75,238

Employees – 12,800

Plants – Plants in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen and Leipzig in Germany and uses an assembly plant in Finland. Key Models – 911 sports coupe, the Boxster cabrio and its hard-top Cayman, the SUV Cayenne and the luxury sedan Panamera. (NOTE * — VW sales figures are from the company’s 2009 annual report. Porsche’s unit sales and employees figure is based 2008/2009 financial report))

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Source: Reuters; Company reports (Writing by Carl Bagh, Bangalore Editorial Reference Unit; Editing by David Cutler)

Factbox: Volkswagen and Porsche: How do they match up?