Four Top Tips For Stress-Free Business Travel

Airplane travel can be stressful at the best of times, but add to that the anxiety of attending an important meeting with high-powered executives at the other end, and the importance of giving a positive impression of your business, and it’s understandable that the airport experience leaves you feeling highly strung and anxious. To help you out, here are four top tips for stress-free business travel, to ensure that you arrive at your destination feeling confident, refreshed, and ready to face your business meetings.

  1. Reserve your parking space

Airports are exceedingly busy places, seeing thousands of travelers pass through their doors every day. As such, it is often very difficult to find a parking space – whether you are parking your car long-stay for the duration of your trip, or being dropped off by a colleague in short-stay – that is located in a safe, convenient spot in relation to your terminal. However, many airport parking, such as Seattle Tacoma airport parking, allow you to reserve a parking space ahead of time. Doing this removes the frantic search for a space when you are already watching the clock, meaning that you enter the airport relaxed and with a clear head.

  1. Freshen up at your destination

Airplane travel can be hot, sweaty and messy. With hours spent in cramp conditions with the possibility of getting airplane coffee spilled over you, you could arrive at your destination feeling less than fresh and sporting a few questionable stains on your shirt. Wear something more casual while traveling and change into your business wear when you arrive at your destination, to avoid any stains appearing on your expensive suit. Additionally, take a small pack of toiletries with you, such as deodorant, wet wipes, and a tooth brush and tooth paste, so that you can freshen up when you arrive.

  1. Consider upgrading

Your business might be willing to pay for your tickets to be upgraded if you are on a business trip. This might include waiting for your flight in the VIP lounge, or even flying business class. If you are a frequent flyer, you might also be upgraded if you have built up enough benefits. Upgrading your tickets means that you will fly in greater comfort, and as such are more likely to arrive at your destination feeling relaxed, calm, and refreshed, and ready to go into any business meeting with gusto.

  1. Practise mindfulness

As such a busy environment, the airport – and overall process of airplane travel – can quickly raise anxiety levels, which no amount of preparation can prevent. Learn to recognize and deal with your travel related anxiety by practising mindfulness techniques. This might include, for instance, paying attention to your breathing and making sure that you are taking deep, even breaths. You could also try paying attention to your surroundings, using all your senses to truly experience that place in the moment – you never know, by doing this you might even discover a new love for the airport!