Global passenger traffic rose by 11% in April

Best Growth Stock – This trend was mainly due to the surge of international flights in Europe, said the airports Council International (CIA).

Figures released Friday by the CIA also point out that so far this year global passenger traffic has increased 5.9%, while that of cargo went up by 2.9%.

By categories, in April, the traffic annual international grew by 17.7%, while the increase since the beginning of the year was 8%.

Annual domestic traffic increased by 5.6% in April and 4.1 per cent in the first four months of 2011.

The international organization, which has its seat in the Canadian city of Montreal and brings together 1,650 airports in 179 countries, noted that the significant increase in passenger traffic comes a year after a cloud of volcanic ash from Iceland stopped the European air system.

The director of Economic Affairs for CIA, Andreas Schimm, said through a press release that “this increase is a very positive outcome, especially in view of the current situation in Japan and in North Africa, and the erratic economic recovery”.

In April 2010 the international traffic fell 5% as a result of the Icelandic volcanic ash cloud

Schimm added that the figures are a cause for optimism in the face of the prospects for the rest of the year.

CIA said that European airports had in April, a growth medium traffic of 27%.

The benefit was that of Helsinki (Finland) whose traffic grew by 58 per cent in April, followed by Amsterdam (the Netherlands) with a 37 percent and Frankfurt (Germany) and London-Heathrow (United Kingdom) with 31%.

In North America, although the increase in international traffic was 7.6 per cent, CIA said that “growth is still marginal (2.1%), silenced by a nearly stagnant domestic traffic”.

In Latin America and the Caribbean traffic soared 15.2% in April, with the growth of the local and international flights exceeding 10%.

“Brazil is the key market to represent almost all the growth with the help of solid results in Argentina, Peru and Mexico,” the Organization added.