Gold new record and reaffirmed over U.S. $ 1,500

Today set a new record, the sixth in a row, and reaffirmed on the symbolic dimension of $ 1,500 an ounce on the New York Mercantile Exchange, where he was value one day more for the dollar’s weakness against other currencies.

At the close of trading in that market, the most actively traded gold contract, the expiration in June, added $ 5.3 an ounce and ended at $ 1,509.1, which are kept for a second day over a psychological barrier that had never before been exceeded.

The escalation of the last six sessions of this precious metal, for which now reached close to $ 1,519.2 contracts-is also driving up the silver with force, which is positioned as an “investment haven” least costly than gold.

Thus, the most actively traded contracts today silver, in this case due in May totaled $ 1.09 Monday to close at $ 47.14, again a price not seen in more than three decades.

Also at this meeting, the silver went to record highs by touching $ 49.82, and draw near to the height of $ 50 reached in 1980 and has never again to pass.

The rise of these two precious metals was driven by another day of weakness that recorded the first session of the week the dollar against other currencies like the euro, which traded at $ 1.4583 compared with 1.4558 in the previous day.

The dollar’s decline usually drive up the price of precious metals and other raw materials since, trading in U.S. currency, are more attractive with a greenback depreciated.

In addition, the escalation of violence in the Middle East and North Africa is causing investors seek comfort in those metals in a safe place to deposit their funds.