Google dismantles computer attack to emails from China

Best Growth Stock – The computer giant Google today announced the dismantling of a “pattern of theft of passwords of hundreds of emails from Gmail of senior officials of United States.”U.S.” and other Asian countries apparently launched from China.

On its corporate blog, Google explains that “detected and thwarted the campaign through the phishing” and “reported the victims, said their accounts and reported to the relevant government authorities.”

The computer attack apparently originated “in the town of Jinan in China”, and affected as well as senior officials of the United States., “Chinese political activists, officials of various Asian countries (especially of Korea of the South), military personnel and journalists”.

Google did not specify the date on which the attack nor revealed the identity of those users to whom they had usurped the password.

Hackers used passwords to modify systems of delegation and direct forwarding to third parties of emails from Gmail, it added the note.

Google remarked that the attack “has not affected their internal systems” and noted that “make public this type of security helps users to better protect your information online”.

It is not the first time that Google complains of cyber attacks from China.

In January 2010, the company announced that its operations had been the target of cyber in order access to the correspondence of Chinese dissidents, as well as stealing from the company codes and business secrets.

This complaint led to a growing tension caused by even the intervention of the Government of the United States and that led Google to temporarily close its search engine in the country.

Tensions were softened in the middle of last year, when the Chinese Government renewed its license to Google and the search engine stopped redirect automatically to Chinese Internet users to the portal free of Hong Kong.