Google minimizes the failure of its TV platform in the last quarter

The Internet company Google shrugged off the poor performance of its Google TV TV platform between January and March and said it is preparing a “new version” according to comments reported today by Cnet. initially, if the price of Urals, the Russian brand of oil exports, reaching an average price of $ 120 per barrel.

Google TV, the California company’s bid to integrate television and Internet, was unveiled in May 2010 in San Francisco and took shape in November when it debuted as a device, Reveu name, manufactured by Logitech.

After a promising launch in the last two months of 2010, Logitech reported revenues of over U.S. $ 22 million from the sale of this device, data from the first quarter of 2011 reflected a balance far below expected.

Logitech said this week it won only $ 5 million from the sale of Reveu between January and March, a figure far removed from the $ 18 million estimated in January for that period by the European company.

The result, however, did not alter Google’s plans to continue to study improvements to the software that gives life to the product.

“This is an initial step for Google TV and Internet-connected TV in general,” said a company spokesman.

“At Google, launch products soon and quickly remake based on customer responses. Our engineers are doing that and are developing the next version of Google TV,” he concluded.

The second generation of this system include the Android application market, as noted from Google.

Reveu is the device of its kind in the U.S. more expensive, valued at $ 299, far more than their rivals Apple TV ($ 99), XDS Roku ($ 99) and Boxee Box (U.S. $ 199).

Google TV platform is installed as standard on some Sony TVs .