Grows the market share of Google's Android, but at what cost?

Best Growth Stock – Data from Nielsen and comScore – market research agencies – placed Google’s mobile operating system, Android, as a leader in the market.

In addition, the company offered in San Francisco its Conference for programmers, where announced the release of more products and services, such as Google music or your computer Chromebook. But the bad news, financial analysts are questioning the business model of the company.

Most, concerned that search only focus their profits on advertising and you’re entering in the cellular market with a free and open model that still has to prove that generates income. And another source of concern regarding their applications market, known as the Android Market.

Open philosophy

Google brought a new philosophy to the cellular market. Android devices would be everything that Apple’s iPhone is not. While Apple provided a fixed menu of phones, the search engine intended to a buffet of appliances.

The manufacturers interested in the new operating system, it would be free and the main attraction of sale of the phone would be their apps.

While Apple controls every aspect of its application store and vetoes that do not follow their rules, the Android Market is open to anyone who wants to create an application.

At the beginning, developers welcomed the model. However, some have begun to question whether Google’s policy is the best way to manage its market. The success of Android is evident in the numbers. Control of the cellular world market with 54.7% of the cake compared to 27.2% of the iOS of Apple.

Last month, Google revealed that it is activating 350,000 phones every day, however, the sale of apps is still low. Instead, the company of IHS Screen Digest analysis estimated that last year its application store revenue of Apple reached $1,800 million. Android reached $100 million, below the $160 million of Blackberry applications and the $105 million from the Nokia Shop.

The analysis provided that Android will improve their trade performance next year, but still will be very to lag behind Apple.

Most of the prblems currently annoying programmers, lies in the Android Market, the main portal to download apps on the system. “People complain that Apple has restrictions and takes time that the company approves the implementation”, said Chris McClelland, Ecliptic Labs director, a developer of mobile applications in Ireland of the North. “I think that it is on the one hand something good – a single source with instant feedback which is very useful for your app.” “It is quality control,” says referring to Apple and adding that Android should follow in their footsteps. “Android is very popular among programmers.” “The entry requirements are low, it is easy to learn and has excellent tools, but for developers it is harder to make money,” he says.

Others believe that of quality control lack and remember that as Symantec security companies have warned that Android usually have problems with malicious applications.

Inappropriate catalog

Michael Heller, of the blog on Android Andronica, believed to be a critical problem as they are promoted and catalog applications. “One of the most ridiculous things about the Android Market is that the search function is terrible… and Google!” “You have to find out about the apps on other side and then go to the Market to get them,” he said.

For this reason many companies like Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Cisco, Verizon, among others have opened their own app stores for Android, can do for Google’s open model.

One of the peculiarities of the Amazon store is that it is closed and not to allow any application. The company cures and monitors each app and programmers have to adhere to its standards if they want that their products are in it.

Analysts believe that Amazon will help better categorize programs, but doubt that developers have to submit their application to different stores. “Even if everyone uses their store and Amazon grows, what happens when Google fix yours?” What will be the incentive to continue using Amazon? “, McClelland question.

The analyst he looks more likely model of Cisco focused on business applications for Android, a market that still not exploit Google or Apple. It is believed that the appetite for paid apps will increase in coming years and the market will surpass the US$ 8 billion over the next three years.

But, how much of that market, it will come from Android, that is somewhat uncertain. The outcome will help to judge whether the mobile strategy of Google was successful.