HIGHLIGHTS-EADS CEO Gallois at Berlin Air Show

BERLIN, June 9 (BestGrowthStock) – EADS (EAD.PA: ) Chief Executive
Louis Gallois held a press conference at the Berlin Air Show on

Following are the highlights of his comments:

* On the A400M:

“The aeronautical capacities of the plane are extremely good
and we consider that the programme is on track. We know that we
have challenges still ahead of us on flight management systems,
on cargo handling, on the load handling system, but the
programme is on track.”

* On the A400M price negotations with partner countries:

“These negotiations are now intensive, I have to say that I
am confident that we could find an agreement I hope before
summer. I expect perhaps a bit later.

“Every country is negotiating in the frame of the head of
principles we agreed in the begining of March. Nobody said they
don’t stick to the head of principles.”

* On the impact of Emirates’ $11 billion A380 order:

“It was the acid test for the airplane. A company that is
operating 10 A380s for more than one year with a good experience
… has chosen to increase its fleet in such a proportion, I
think it’s the best referendum for the airplane.”

* On re-engining the A320 versus a new 737-style airplane
from Boeing Co. (BA.N: ):

“To launch a new airplane which could be better,
significantly better, than the re-engined A320 you need a new
technology for engines. You need perhaps open rotor engines. If
not, a new airplane compared to the A320 re-engine could get
perhaps 3-5 percent. It’s not enouygh to justify a new airplane.
If you want to get 15-20 percent better than a re-engined A320
you need to have a new concept of engine.”

* On Franco-German cooperation:

“I don’t think that France and Germany are diverging.
Certainly they could have different opinions, but both of them
know they have no other choice but to work together.

“I am not truly pessimistic on the Franco-German dialogue.
On a lot of topics they could diverge but at the end of the day
they have to find common solutions.”

* On German defense minister comments on the ‘moral duty’ to
share A400M discounts with suppliers:

“This customer is not happy because we are late on the
A400M, because there were cost increases on the airplane and
because we have problems of harneesses on the Tiger.

“I think also that our customers are fully aware that we are
working on a very high-technology product. We are not looking
for excuse on other programmes, but you can see for
high-technology programmes it is extremely difficult that we
will stick to our delivery schedule when we will launch the

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(Reporting by Tim Hepher and Ben Berkowitz)

HIGHLIGHTS-EADS CEO Gallois at Berlin Air Show