HIGHLIGHTS-UK opposition leader David Cameron TV interview

LONDON, April 23 (BestGrowthStock) – David Cameron, leader of the
British opposition Conservative Party, gave an interview to the
BBC in London on Friday.

Following are key quotes from the interview:


“We don’t want another five years of Gordon Brown and it is
only the Conservatives that offer a clean break.

“My fear is that in a hung parliament, a sort of Lib-Lab
(Liberal Democrat and Labour coalition) parliament, instead of
sorting out immigration, we would have a worse policy because of
the Liberal policy for an amnesty on illegal immigration.

“Instead of sorting out crime, we would be actually emptying
the prisons.”


“The Liberal Democrats, as we are discovering now, do have
some quite frankly strange ideas that would actually not be a
change for the better, but a change for the worse.

(Asked if he would have Lib Dem finance spokesman Vince
Cable in his ministerial team) “I don’t agree with Vince Cable.
He thinks we shouldn’t get on with cutting waste this year, he
doesn’t have a plan to stop the job tax, he has, I think, made a
bit of a mess of it…I don’t see him as some economic
soothsayer, frankly. I think actually his numbers and his
policies are beginning to unravel.


“The first one I think I would pick out is Northern Ireland.
In Northern Ireland it is quite clear, almost every party I
think now accepts this, that the size of the state has got too
big. We need a bigger private sector. There are other parts of
the country, including for instance in the northeast, where
again … many people would accept this, that the aim has got to
be to get the private sector, to get the commercial sector


“Any party leader sitting in this chair would say to you,
over the next parliament we have got to see a faster growing
private sector, we need manufacturing industry to get going
again, we have got to broaden our economic base. We need to have
a rebalancing of the economy.”


“I am trying to win this election outright. That is what I
am campaigning for and fighting for. I think it is achievable.
We have a huge fight on our hands.”


“Our first budget is all about recognising we need to get
spending under control rather than putting up taxes.”


“We think they (the Labour government) need to go further.
We think you need to reduce the bulk of the structural deficit
in the (next) parliament.”


“We have absolutely no plans to raise VAT. Our plans are all
about saying let’s try and stop some of these tax rises.”


“We have said … we think the government is doing too much
in terms of raising taxes and not enough in terms of cutting
spending. But we have also said that no responsible opposition
can actually rule out tax increases all the time.”


“We say bring forward the 11 billion pounds ($17 billion)
(of savings), make the savings now so you don’t have to put up
the national insurance tax, which would be a massive tax on jobs
in 2011.”
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(Reporting by Adrian Croft; Editing by Peter Griffiths)

HIGHLIGHTS-UK opposition leader David Cameron TV interview